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"It's time to shake your shadow. It's time
to remember who you came here to be.

                                              ~ maggie moore


Are you ready to feel truly seen and heard?

Let me be the safe container for you the share your true self.

Would you like to explore your connection with your source energy?

Allow me to guide you to feel comfortable in your skin again.

Does This Sound Like YOU?

If you have landed here, you are most likely somone who is DEEPLY INTERESTED IN SELF-HEALING and learning how to stay committed to LOVING YOURSELF and becoming the best version of yourself.

Maybe it feels like you have FORGOTTEN THE FAVORITE PARTS of yourself and you are just not sure how to CLAIM THEM BACK!

Honestly, you might not even know WHAT YOU ARE FEELING, just that it doesn't feel right!


You might have tried talk therapy, meditation, self-help books, podcasts and a million other practices to get to the ROOT OF WHAT'S ACHING and still don't feel like you have found the right PRACTICES to KEEP you GROUNDED AND GROWING.

Maybe you are ready for your next steps on your SOUL JOURNEY and long to BE SEEN and HEARD unconditionally.


Maybe you have always been FASCINATED BY ENERGY, EMPATHY, CRYSTALS and ANYTHING MYSTICAL and don't know where to begin or don't feel safe to share this part of yourself with others yet.

So let me just say I am really excited to get a CHANCE TO PARTNER WITH YOU!


If you feel ready, I will be your spiritual BFF as we JOURNEY TOGETHER to DISCOVERING THE SACRED YOU.

Instead of standing on the road ahead calling you to me as if I have the answers you seek, I MEET YOU EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE and we VOYAGE TOGETHER to REDISCOVER your inner awesomeness. 


Sacred Sisters Activate!

I offer an UNSTOPPABLE APPROACH to reclaiming your true self incorporating my expertise as an intuitve healer, creative maker, healing movement teacher and energy coach.


to truly shift our thoughts, heal wounds and make real lasting change. 

I will fill your self care tool box with loving REMINDERS, GIFTS and TALISMANS so that

you can truly become ACCOUNTABLE and KIND to yourself.

And the BEST PART? You can WALK WITH ME as long as you like, JOURNEY ALONE and COME BACK ANYTIME to keep RECEIVING MORE GIFTS and PRACTICES to keep you growing, moving, thriving and living YOUR BEST LIFE.

What Clients Are Saying 

"What a powerful, profound and healing Maggie experience. The word that comes to me is humbled. I am humbled. Feeling deeply the presence of the miraculous. With love to you and gratitude for your choosing to bring the full force of your gift to us who are willing to be in partnership with you." ~ Celia P.

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