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Are you stuck in patterns that are holding you hostage?

Do you believe in a mind-body connection?

Are you tired of searching for answers alone?

Afraid to change, but tired of feeling the way you do?

Ready to commit to changing your life?


Get ready to turn your PAIN into POWER!

What Clients are Saying 

I have been blessed to experience wonderful healing sessions with Maggie Moore while going through breast cancer treatment. Maggie is a skilled, intuitive lightworker. During our distance healing sessions, I felt energy swirling through me as waves of love and peace settled into my heart. After our sessions, Maggie called with feedback about what she had experienced and channeled during our healing time. Then, rather like magic, synchronicities began to occur in my life—things she suggested I do or take part in began to open up. Not only is Maggie a powerful Reiki practitioner, she is also a loving, passionate woman who will work her hardest to help her clients in their healing journey. I can’t recommend Maggie enough. I hope everyone has the chance to open their hearts to this profound healing art!


I’ve had no experience with Reiki and no idea what to expect.  With Maggie’s suggestion, I put on calming music,  sat myself down and started breathing deeply and visualizing a healing white light travelling throughout my body. I relaxed without knowing I was relaxing.  I felt comfortable, safe and at peace.  Time flew by and when the session was over I was left in a heightened stage of peace and relaxation which lasted for several hours. The entire session was soothing and I enjoyed it all.   Maggie followed up with me the next day to connect about our experienced.   I definitely will do this again."

Tess W.

Andrea P.

About Maggie

Maggie is a dynamic being with a passion to help others live their best lives. Her diverse background as a healer, fine artist, movement teacher and life coach has led her down many roads throughout her life. She has landed in midcoast Maine where she sees clients in her beautiful home studio overlooking a peaceful river. 

Well versed in hands on and long distance healing, Maggie has been a Reiki master and intuitive healer for 17 years. A compassionate listener, confidant and communicator, she crafts each program of treatments and one on one healing sessions to your needs.

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