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Are you having any fun?
It's time to shake your shadow
and come play with me!

Does This Sound Like you?

You are having a hard to find JOY in your daily life.

You have tried meditation, self-help books, podcasts and a million other practices to get find a way to SHAKE YOUR SHADOW.


You spend your days scrolling social media for the PERFECT MATRAS and MOTIVATING VIDEOS to keep you going.

You can't seem to stick to any PRACTICES to KEEP you JOY-FILLED and FOCUSED for longer than a few days or weeks.

You long to BE SEEN and HEARD unconditionally (and maybe your a little scared of what you will find out about yourself)

You are fascinated by ENERGY, CRYSTALS and EVERYTHING MYSTICAL and don't know what do to do with it all (or might not feel safe to share this part of you with others)


You have forgotten how to really PLAY and LET GO!

When was the last time you BELLY LAUGHED

so hard you peed your pants?

You, my friend, NEED an infusion of  healing FUN!

I have one question
for you...

We spend our lives trying to remember who we really are.

Traumas can alter our life's course.

We deserve to find out what makes us happy

and we are not meant to do it alone.

I can see the truth hidden under the stories that are holding you back. 

Allow me to accelerate your healing by cutting through the static.

Together we will reawaken your spirit.

Toegether we joyfully welcome back your true self !

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My name is Maggie Moore

I am a visionary healer, sacred jewelry maker and chakra shaking creator

on a mission to infuse FUN into healing.


Grab my hand and let's take a journey to find your JOY!


If there is one thing I find exhaustingly clear about

where we are at this time in history is we as

a collective are fed up with


We have just been through a global pandemic that has

exposed all of our deep seated fears and traumas.


No matter where you are with your healing journey,

I would bet you are exhausted, burnt out

and most likely searching outside

 yourself to feel better.


Does this resonate?

If you are anything like me,

then you are so over everything!

What's Next? 

Explore my site and see what lights you up


SAY  YES to YOURSELF right now and commit!


I offer a 30 minute FREE connection call.

 Don't be shy!

Let's connect and we will design

plan together!

Check out My YouTube Channel

Introduction to
Being a Channel
To Spirit

Crystal Care 101

Welcome to
Maggie Moore World

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