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A Mystical Space for Empowered Living

Welcome to
Maggie M
oore World

Have you been ignoring your inner voice for too long?

It is time to reawaken your power.


Would you like to connect with the potent parts of yourself that have been suppressed for years? Are you stuck in patterns that won't let go? Are you ready to trust in your intuition and be accountable for real transformation?

It is time to acknowledge the little kid part of you that is fearless and strong: part fairy, part witch, and one hundred percent goddess that you have hidden for too long!

Invite me to be your guide on this journey of a lifetime.


What I offer is a new kind of healing fueled by your own intuitive feelings and abilities. My practice isn't designed for one-time treatments. It is an adventure filled with collective-conscious experiences, empowering partnerships, and lifetime tools and talismans to keep you inspired and attuned.

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Your Journey Begins Here

Are you drawn to crystals, chakras, and all things mystical?​ 


Maybe you feel drawn to energy healing, oracle decks, and ritual practices without thoroughly understanding their potential as tangible tools for creating your world. The mystical world is calling you, but you are overwhelmed by all there is to learn,  making you want to shut down.

The Mystical is my jam, and I am ready to simplify its mysteries so you can work with its magic, too.

While you heal and grow, I will teach you simple, empowering tools and techniques to eliminate what is standing in your way. There are classes on crystals and Oracle cards, energy healing, talisman creation, and even some Chakra Shaking you can try. You will start feeling freer, healthier, whole, inspired, joyful, and everything else you desire.

Come Sit by the Fire

We have saved you a space in the Sacred Circle.


We are not meant to transform alone. I have spent my life studying energy healing, crystal magic, sacred jewelry making, and holistic movement practices. Being gifted with the ability to channel spirit from the other side, I embrace my magical witchy warrior side and ask you to join me!

It is safe to share all of you here.

In this world, we are all equal. We will open to spirit together and learn from each other along the wayYou can choose one-on-one guidance, healing treatments, heartfelt touchstones, and transformational workshops to help you ignite your inner fire and embrace your life in a way you only feel happens in dreams. 

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Meet Maggie

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Maggie Moore

Visionary healer, sacred jewelry maker, and Chakra Shaking creator Maggie Moore is on a mission to infuse real magic into your life. She will ignite your divine connection from within and help you become the most empowered version of yourself. Through healing techniques, mystical experiences, and heartfelt touchstones, Maggie will remind you just how magnificent you are.


Client Testimonials

"Working with Maggie is magical.

Magical is the amount of space that Maggie holds for you while working together during

this process and her keen intuition to see the parts of you that need attention and healing.


 If you want to transform, Maggie will help you cultivate your caterpillar “goo” inside your cocoon to become a butterfly. "

~ Sarah Jean

"Maggie will help you take back your power. I have tried to think of a way to describe what it’s like to work with Maggie. Transcendent is as close as I can get.

Her energy is rare and potent, as is her ability to hear and see you. She is like a guiding light, a keeper of keys to all you may have forgotten within yourself."

~ Emily

"Maggie has a way of seeing into you that makes you feel like you’ve known one another forever. Her healing work is equally impressive and unlike any other, I’ve experienced before.


Her unique combination of reiki, channeling, and somatic movement has created awesome shifts in my life and in how I show up for myself and others. 

~ Lori

Image by Anika Huizinga

Choose Your Adventure

My ultimate goal is to help you in reawakening your power.

How you get there is up to you.


You can begin with healing movement practices, chakra and crystal classes, one-on-one healing sessions, or creating a custom talismanI have created some pathways to maximize your experience. Classes and workshops will be offered seasonally. Sacred Sisterhood opportunities will only open once a year.

Believe in the divine timing of your visit here, and let's connect to find your custom journey.

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Spirit Guided

Crystal Reiki Energy Healing


Custom Crystal Healing Talisman Creation


Crystal Classes, Healing Workshops and Retreats


Chakra Shaking

and Meditation Practices

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