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Meet Maggie

As a creative force and channel to spirit, I am determined to shine my light to inspire you to remember your own. Living in midcoast Maine with my loving husband and two beautiful bonus daughters, I am blessed to spend my days dancing through life as a visionary healer and sacred jewelry maker.


I spent my formative years honing my design skills, working for artists and makers. Then became a Usui Reiki practitioner 20 years ago and began pursuing both careers simultaneously. Launching a successful custom jewelry company in 2007, Maggie Moore Jewelry has been featured in over 100 galleries across the U.S.


After an undeniable tug from spirit, I left the wholesale world in 2019 to fuse my healing and creative endeavors into one meaningful practice with clients worldwide.  Mastered in long-distance healing, I am blessed to work with clients as far away as China and the Netherlands from my New England studio. 

My Story

I connect to source energy and talk to your angels, guides, and loved ones on the other side. I craft sacred Talismans in fine jewelry so that you can be reawakened and remember your power with a visible link to the invisible. 

My soul craves the opportunities to share my stories, and I thrive in the spaces where I can contribute this knowledge and perpetuate healing through physical formations of the intangible. My passion is so intense that it is hard to contain. My life has made a complete turnaround over the past decade, and the lessons I have learned fuel my desire.  I want to share my vision in every way possible.

My most intense desire is not to share my gifts with you, but to inspire you to ignite your own, to witness your connections to spirit, embrace your own healing gifts, and feel fulfilled in your life.

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My Connection to Tangible Magic

The world can be a tactile place swallowed up by voyeuristic phone-scrolling binges leaving us feeling empty without grounding. Instead of stepping out into the backyard to take in the lush vegetation at our feet or listen to the bird's song, we might search trending mantras in hopes of feeling better.


I feel strongly that we are looking for genuine connections in this virtual world. We need a reminder of their unique potential, but words sometimes are insufficient.


What if there was an easy and accessible way to wake up our inner spark? I call it Tangible Magic.


You might unconsciously rub a lucky stone in your hand to calm yourself down or trace your fingers around the gold band from your beloved lost years ago, never realizing that you have the answer in your hand.  


And I am not talking about random things. We want a connection with an object that carries personal meaning, our unique signature. And what if you could learn to infuse these Talismans with your deepest intentions to start feeling freer, healthier, whole, inspired, joyful, and everything else you desire?


Before words, we had symbols and art. Talisman creation is a potent ancient tradition that needs to be acknowledged and reintroduced to the world. The time is right to awaken your inner spark with tangible magic. It’s time to claim yourTalisman—magic you can hold onto. 

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