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Meet Maggie

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I am an empath and channel to spirit

I am a confidant and soulful sister

I am a visionary healer obsessed with finding joy and sharing love.

My Approach

No matter what someone's "OUTERWORLD" might look like,  you never know what is going on inside. I help people remember their divine POWER that has been buried under years of SURPRESSED DESIRES. TRAUMATIZING EXPERIENCES, and SOCIETAL DEMANDS.

Like Toto in the Wizard of OZ, I PULL BACK THE CURTAIN to shine light on your LIMITING BELIEFS so we can reveal your true self.  I will GIVE YOU PERMISSION to laugh at it all and finally RELEASE the STORIES while HOLDING YOU in a sacred space of healing. 


There is POWER in playful partnership. I bring my wit and good humor to all I do, so silly dance breaks and LAUGHTER are as integral to my work as shedding tears.


You will be SEEN and HEARD.


And you will have ACTUAL REMINDERS to keep you going. I am pretty much obsessed with the concept of physical objects or TALISMANS for us to hold on to in our times of need. They may come in the form of MANTRAS or Sacred JEWELRY we design together. They may be a HEART STONE I send your way to carry with you always or a MESSAGE from SPIRIT that you have been longing to hear.

This is a partnership, so let's take a journey together.

My Story

I have spent my life working on how to REALLY LOVE AND ACCEPT MYSELF. I am one of those people that FEELS EVERYTHING. Empathic by nature and driven by spirit to continue to grow and LEARN. (By the way, I am still working on myself as it is a life long commitment).

There are so many stories I could share about the traumas and trials that have brought me to today. I would like to take another approach than your standard biography of the ups and downs of my human experience, so here goes.


I present to you a list of labels that used to HAUNT ME. Some were assigned to me by others, most are ones I fabricated and ALL of THEM  I have worn in my bones as my TRUTH until I learned to shake off my OWN SHADOW. 




too much


black sheep










people pleaser


Each one of these words carries heavy heartfelt stories with them. Stories that I might share in our time together. Some you may never know. The point is that I no longer accept these as my true self. They have lost their power and I can read each of them and BLESS them for the LESSONS they have taught me without being pulled back into their madness.


Here is the list of words that I am PROUD to SHARE with you that I am ACTIVELY inviting in and WORKING on BELIEVING EVERY DAY.










one of a kind








Ah....doesn't that sound better to you? Ready to create your OWN?

My diverse background as a reiki practitioner, visual artist, movement teacher and life coach have created quite a fun resume!

2022  Became Certified Healing Crystal Energy Guide with Kyle Gray

2022  Became Certified Ho'oponopono Practitioner with Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Len

2020  Created Chakra Shaking

2019  Launched my healing practice under Maggie Moore World

2018  Renamed business Maggie Moore Jewelry to honor my new married name

2017  Launched The Transparent Coach Life Coaching Program

2014  Created Heart Dance (the precursor to Chakra Shaking)

2009  Received Brown Belt  as Nia Technique instructor

2007  Created custom Fine Jewelry business under Maggie Bokor Jewelry 

2006  Received Blue Belt as Nia Technique instructor

2004  Received White Belt as Nia Technique instructor

2003  Started Reiki Practice as a Dr. Usui Unlimited Reiki Master 

1995  Received Fine Arts BFA from The Rhode Island School of Design

My Credentials

My Loves


If you are still scrolling, then CLEARLY it is time to share some

FUN FACTS with you about ME!

I have been the lead singer of two bands. One in RI and the other in DC.

Now I write and play on guitar at home, singing at the top of my lungs to the dog.

And my family has started ACTING and SINGING together in local theater!

I LOVED to dance walk with my dog Sam every day. Rest in peace sweet buddy.

My husband and I are big fans of cooking exotic foods; we try to make a

new recipe anytime we get a day off together.

My bonus daugthers came into my life when they were very tiny.

My favorite part of our time together is sharing our grateful practice at dinner,

baking up a storm, and DANCE PARTIES of course!

I am taking Spanish lessons at the moment that I am hope to practice

in Mexico REALLY SOON.

I am always looking for places to share my work around the world,

so if you are somewhere other than Maine... let's talk! xo


Read My Story in My Words

In the Creative Maine Magazine

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"Breaking Cycles Through Movement"

Tune In Radio

with Coach Kiki 

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"Kindness, Mindset, and Gratitude -

how does this make us more loveable?"

Wrar with Spark

with Kristin Sparks on Bold Brave TV

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