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Chakra Balancing

Crystal Meditation

If you have difficulty meditating, this might be just what you need.


Crystals are a powerful ally for healing. When you place crystals on your Chakra energy centers, you allow your body to relax, heal, or receive an energy boost to return to living large. This session can be shared either in person at my studio or long distance on Zoom!


If you are anything like me, you might struggle to meditate without wiggling about and getting distracted within seconds. My solution? Crystal Meditations! When you have little crystals on your body, you literally can't wiggle, or they will roll off. This simple fact and my deep trust in their medicine make them important allies in my everyday health.


I use crystals on my clients during energy sessions to enhance their healing. Giving myself an energy session just isn't the same. But if I charge up a specific group of crystals and place them on my Chakra centers, it's incredibly effective. When I am coming down with a cold, have a headache, stressed out, anxious, or completely depleted, these little colorful gems are best friends. I want to share this brilliant self-care technique with you, which you can do anytime, anywhere.

The Chakra Balancing Crystal Meditation Experience Explained

The Chakra Balancing Crystal Meditation Sessions empower you to balance, heal, and recharge your energy center and give you the education to be able to do this for yourself over and over, so you only need to come once. Instead of only receiving a Reiki Energy treatment, our Session will be a unique combination of half-healing and half-education. 

During our time together, I will introduce you to the world of crystals, discuss their relationship to the color wheel and the Chakra System, and teach you my favorite way to cleanse, clear, charge, and intend with your crystals.


If you are in person, you will lie down to receive a crystal healing session. I will take you through step by step how to perform two 20-minute Chakra meditations on yourself, one for Balancing (when you are feeling sick, depressed, or out of sorts) and one for Energizing (when you are ready for a little energy boost). We will review which crystals to use and their locations during these meditations, and you will get to try out for in-person sessions.


If you are a long-distance client, we will create a list of crystals for either of us to purchase to start your practice right away, and I will do a long-distance crystal healing for you when we stop our class.

At the end of this two-hour session, I will send you home with a list of the best crystals to use for your meditations and my favorite clearing/cleansing/intending technique so you can begin to utilize this incredible healing meditative tool in your life when you like.

Who would benefit from this session?

I have designed this session with two important factors. Life is costly right now, and it is easy not to prioritize healing practices with so many other financial strains. I have consciously created an experience that I hope will not deter many. 

Secondly, many friends have asked about helping their kids, especially teens. Teens are usually not the most talkative and don't like strangers prying into their inner world, so coming to one of my other Healing sessions might not suit them. They need and deserve support with anxiety, depression, lack of desire, and focus. And let me say that you do not have to be a teen to suffer from any or all of these issues. If you feel a tug, this might be the session for you, too. I have also designed it so you can go home with tangible action steps to feel better anytime, anywhere. You only need to come once and can utilize these techniques for a lifetime.

What you will receive 

~ Introduction to the power of Crystals, their connection to the Chakras, and the color wheel

~ Learn how to clear, cleanse, charge, and intend for all crystals

~ Learn two step-by-step crystal mediations, one for balancing and another for enhancing

~ Experience one of the Chakra Meditations with my favorite crystals for in-person sessions

~ Receive an Oracle Card reading during your Meditation

~ Take home instructions on which crystals to buy and where to purchase

~ Take home a copy of my favorite way to cleanse, clear, charge, and intend for your crystals

Ready for your Chakra Balancing Crystal Meditation Experience?

Single Session $220

(payment plans available)

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