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Chakra Shaking


chakra shaking is a moving meditation

Chakra Shaking is a moving meditation

Everything is energy and energy NEEDS TO MOVE in order to be released and healed.​

When we shift and SHAKE our bodies,

we ALLOW ourselves to come back to the PRESENT MOMENT and find peace.

  • Shift your energy

  • Open your chakras

  • Realigning you to your highest potential

  • Direct your energy to release and let go

  • Balance your masculine and feminine energies

  • Sacredly sweat while you are healing from the inside out

  • Redefine your relationship with your mind and body connection


Chakra Shaking is my brain child. I have created this unique movement experience COMBINING my years as a Brown Belt NIA teacher, my Reiki energy practice with my connection to source. 

I am currently teaching CHAKRA SHAKING 20 min DANCE BREAKS virtually. My Healing Workshops are both in person and virtual. You can learn more by visiting Make sure to get on my newsletter!

20 minute
dance breaks

Every weekday, I hold a 20 minute Chakra Shaking Dance Break on Zoom.

8am EST for FREE. We start with ground breathwork and begin to move

our bodies to music. Every day I change the setlist so the experience is

new and exciting. Integrating songs we know and love to obscure 

tracks to keep your mind sharp and your body moving.

We don't talk about the chakras, only prompt you to keep yourself embodied

in the moment and out of your head. We finish with a closing meditation

to prepare you for the day ahead.

These dances are FREE and available to all around the globe.

As I expand, I plan to have more options to dance live

at other times of the week. Monthly donations are always

appreciated for those who choose to make

Dance Breaks a part of their lives.

The Sacred Chakra Shaking Sisterhood Facebook Group

Come JOIN our growing group of MAGESTIC spirited sisters!


I have created a PRIVATE Facebook Group where I share weekly about the power of moving energy through the chakras.


The Sacred Chakra Shaking Sisterhood is a SAFE AND SACRED grounding place. We will share our truths, shift our energies and create a community of strong, vibrant, beautiful goddesses that are here to make their impact on the world.

What Clients Love
about Dance Breaks

I love these morning shakes as is it gets me moving and energized however my body needs to move. It’s my time with graceful guidance and fantastic music.


I love how Maggie changes it up every time and I’m in awe at how she seems to pick the right music and set the perfect intention each and every time.

When I skip or miss a chakra shaking session, I notice how “off” and disconnected from myself throughout the day. Your gift is a gift that keeps on giving.

I’m grateful to receive the offering. ~ Debbie

A place to ground, be expressive, uninhibited, dance, sing, release by shaking it out, then to get centered and be energetically guided toward positivity and greater self love! ~ Jeanette W.

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