Chakra Shaking


Chakra Shaking is a MOVING MEDITATION. Everything is energy and energy NEEDS TO MOVE in order to be released and healed.​ When we shift and SHAKE our bodies, we ALLOW ourselves to come back to the PRESENT MOMENT and find peace.

  • Shift your energy

  • Open your chakras

  • Realigning you to your highest potential

  • Direct your energy to release and let go

  • Balance your masculine and feminine energies

  • Sacredly sweat while you are healing from the inside out

  • Redefine your relationship with your mind and body connection


Chakra Shaking is my brain child. I have created this unique movement experience COMBINING my years as a Blue Belt NIA teacher, my Reiki energy practice with my connection to source. 

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The Sacred Chakra Shaking Sisterhood

Come JOIN our growing group of MAGESTIC spirited sisters!


I have created a PRIVATE Facebook Group where I share weekly about the power of moving energy through the chakras.


The Sacred Chakra Shaking Sisterhood is a SAFE AND SACRED grounding place. We will share our truths, shift our energies and create a community of strong, vibrant, beautiful goddesses that are here to make their impact on the world.

I am currently teaching CHAKRA SHAKING 20 min DANCE BREAKS during the weeks. You can learn more by visiting Hope to see you soon!