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Are you ready to dive into Crystal magic and the Chakras, find new ways to meditate, or learn how to work with Oracle cards? 


Education is critical when you are on a healing journey. We all deserve to understand more about the mystical world and the techniques of the healers we seek. I have created live experiences to increase your knowledge and awareness about crystals,  meditation, healing movement practices, and more.

Simplification and trusting your intuition are the keys.

There is so much information out there that it can be overwhelming and even conflicting. It can put you in a tailspin and shut you down from getting to discover this incredible Tangible Magic. Simplification and intuition are the keys here at Maggie Moore World.


There are a whole plethora of experts out there, but the only expert I am interested in working with is You. The theme behind all of my education is teaching you the basics of these mystical subjects and finding out their meaning for you. I will engage your intuitive center and awaken your inner knowing to be able to work with Crystals, Chakras, movement, and meditation in an engaging and accessible way.


The Crystal Connection

To say I have an obsession with Crystals

might be an understatement.


You might have noticed that Crystals come up quite a bit with all of my work. They play a significant role in all of my work and my life. The draw is primal, real, and altogether magical.


I can sum up my connection with my favorite fact: Crystals are the physical manifestation of transformation. Once liquid and gas, they are now solid. Their journey to becoming these ancient, glimmering gems was not easy. Endless combinations of intense heat and pressure forced these mystical elements through a profound metamorphosis, making Crystals the natural examples of what can be accomplished if we are ready for real change.

In my eyes, a good life is all about progress.

To live to the fullest, you have to be willing to take responsibility for who you are and continue to grow and change to be able to claim the life you came here to have. This philosophy drives my vision to help you transform and rediscover your intuitive gifts, embrace your personal power, and work with physical sacred objects in your lives like Crystals to keep you striving. Let's begin.

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Choose The Experience
that is calling you

Current Offerings

The experiences I offer change throughout the year. I allow spirit to show me where to place my focus. It is important to stay in touch through my newsletter to know when the next offering is happening—journey to the bottom of this page to join if you aren't on the list.

LIVE Oracle Card Reading


First Class Experience

Thursday, Feb 29th

7pm EST

 Introduction to  Oracle Card Reading

a pile of tarot cards sitting on top of

First Class Experience

Wednesday, March 13th

7pm EST

Future 2024 Offerings 

LIVE Crystal Intuitive Readings


Crystals and the Color Wheel

crystals divided by color

Crystals and

the Chakras

Part 1

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Essential Crystal Care

Lemurian Quartz Crystal_edited.jpg

Crystals for


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Crystal Chakra Balancing Meditation Part 2

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