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Crystals and
the Color Wheel

crystals separated by color

First Class Offering

January 2024 T.B.D.


Demystify the world of crystals and start working with them with ease!


The world of crystals can feel overwhelming once you start to dive in. There is so much information available through books and online. You might feel like the information contradicts itself and not sure where to turn. 

So what if I showed you a way to take control of crystals and make you the master of their magic?

The color wheel is a fantastic way to learn the power and intention behind these stones. You will learn about their sacred healing magic, release you from looking to outside sources, and begin to lean into your intuition around how to play with them. 


I will teach you how to infuse any gemstone you feel connected to a frequency using your own intuition and intention. It is going to be magical!

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