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Crystals 101

Crystals 101 Class
6 video series

Crystals are one of the most important players in my healing practice

and I would love to share my knowledge with you.

Did you know that I am a Certified Crystal Guide?

I studied under the fabulous Kyle Gray.

Did you know that I have already taught Crystal Classes for Empaths?

I educate my current clients on crystal use on a daily basis.

Did you know that I am working on a Crystal Class series for the past year and I am ready to share it with you?


So welcome to my first Crystals 101 Class!

Your Crystals Class 101 Focus:

  • The science behind crystals

  • How to care for them

  • My favorite way to clear, cleanse and charge crystals

  • How to use them on your person

  • How to use them in your life

  • Which crystals are best for what

  • Where to purchase crystals around the world

Your Class 101 Bonuses:

  • pdf of my step by step cleanse and charging technique

  • a seven day series of emails spotlighting my healing work

How Do You Purchase?:

  • send me an email by clicking on the "Buy Button"

  • I will send you an invoice for  $33.33 (including fees) tuition

  • you will receive the 6 videos series plus your bonuses!

Will you be teaching more classes?

Absolutely! This is just the beginning!

There is SO MUCH more I will want to share with you about Crystals.


  • how to HEAL with crystals

  • crystals and the CHAKRA system.

  • using the COLOR WHEEL to find the crystal you are needing

  • CLEANSING your aura


  • crystals for EMPATHS and HIGHLY SENSITIVE people

  • CRYSTAL HEALING sessions

  • TALISMAN jewlery creation

It's important to start with the basics and get your toes wet before we dive in!

Hope you join us!

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