Crystal Energy Guide Therapy

I became a Certified Crystal Energy Guide in 2022. I had always been fascinated by crystals, but never truly understood their magic or medicine until my course with Kyle Gray. Kyle is a spiritual teacher in the UK who started working with crystals as a child. With over 20 years of healing practices under his belt, he was the perfect person to train me on Crystal Energy.

Learning about crystals has become the glue for all of my life's work. For years I have been working with precious stones in my jewelry making, playing around with specific stones to assist in my personal healing and collecting large crystal formations to protect and honestly decorate my home.

And NOW? I am deeply blessed to find the validation I have been looking for in these incredible gifts from the earth. CRYSTALS ARE THE PHYSICAL MANIFESTION OF TRANSFORMATION. 

Seriously, these gorgeous energy sources used to be gases and liquids. Through INTENSE PRESSURE and HEAT, crystals were formed with the inherent knowledge of the ground in which it was birthed. There is SO MUCH I can share about crystals, for now I will direct you HERE to learn more about thesePOWERFUL WISE TEACHERS.

How It Works

Your Crystal Energy Guide session begins with a FREE 30 Minute Introductory Consultation. Once we know we are a good fit, we plan our session together.

LONG DISTANCE CRYSTAL ENERGY GUIDE sessions can be given ANYWHERE AROUND THE WORLD and are just as potent as in person sessions. (If you are local to midcoast Maine, we can discuss an in-person session.)


You will need to secure at least 2 HOURS FOR EACH SESSION.


The Pre-session phone/zoom call is approx. 30 minutes. We will usually go into our Crystal Energy Guide session after our call. I will direct you on what to do when we are in our call.


I might ask you to write a letter to spirit or use crystals you have in your possession during our time. Having crystals  yourself is NOT necessary to do this work. 

I start my Crystal Energy Guide Sessions by WRITING A LETTER TO SPIRIT on your behalf and incorporate it into your grid. I will use a SACRED GEOMETRY GRID CLOTH to lay down your crystals. After my grid is complete, I will pick ENERGY AND ANGEL CARDS to compliment our session and assist us in our healing journey.


The Crystal Energy Guide Session portion will take around 30 minutes. We will not be on the phone or in contact.  I will connect with your energy and work remotely as you relax and receive.

The follow up 30-45 minute call is usually planned for the following day when we will discuss any messages from source and the energy cards. The crystal grid will remain up for 48 hours. Any intentions I write down will be released through a burning ceremony to complete the session.

letting burning fire .jpg

Crystal Energy Guide Therapy Session: $150

This offering includes:

~ one 1/2 hour zoom/phone energy coaching call before the session

~ a custom crystal sacred geometry grid

~ written letter to spirit to set your intention and used in your grid

~ angel and energy card reading

~ 1/2 hour zoom/phone energy coaching call after the session

~ emailed images and messages from reading to be accessible anytime

Ready to Get Started?

It is important to create trust when working on real lasting change. 

Claim Your FREE Initial 30 minute Get to Know You Call.

Let's see if we are a good fit!



We will talk about where you are in the moment and I will answer any questions you might have concerning my work. Transparency is key and I want you to feel valued and know the value you will be receiving.