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Design Your Talisman

The Tangible Magic of Talisman Creation


tal·is·manan object, typically an inscribed ring or stone,

that is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck.

You deserve to be reminded of how potent and magical you are.  Before words, we had symbols and art. Talisman creation is a potent ancient tradition that needs to be acknowledged and reintroduced to the world. The time is right to awaken your inner spark and claim your talisman—magic you can hold onto. 


The talismans I make are created with the desire to realign you with your incredible whole self and make you feel like you are truly loved. These touchstones infuse your intention with our co-created artistry with healing energy in the most beautiful way.

A Touchstone of Your Very Own

Working as a fine jeweler for over 18 years, I have been honored to make talismans of all kinds, from healing gemstone necklaces, empowering cuff bracelets, potent crystal earrings, enduring engagement rings, bonding wedding bands, and personalized memorial jewelry.

Invite me to create a one-of-a-kind Talisman just for you! Guided by spirit, I work with you one-on-one to design your very own sacred piece of jewelry.​ When the piece is completed, it will be infused with your intention and love. And I will even teach you how to clear, charge, and intend anytime you need a recharge.

Visit my website, Maggie Moore Jewelry, dedicated solely to my jewelry creations, to view designs I have created over the years and shop! 

Image by Gui Avelar

Claim Your Talisman

Reiki Energy Infused 
Healing Talisman Jewelry

labradorite butterfly jenni talisman

Divine Combination Energy Healing and Talisman Creation

erin world turquoise snitch talisman

Reiki Energy Infused 
Memorial Healing  Jewelry

sasha memorial labradorite black tourmaline talisman jul23.jpg
Image by Lina Trochez

Client Testimonials

isabella silver chip necklace

Sacred Shard Talisman

“This past year has been difficult in different ways for everybody. One of the hardest things for me was not being able to spend much time with my kids. When I dropped and broke by accident a mug that my daughter had given me years ago as a gift, I just fell apart for a few moments, and I actually burst into tears. I LOVE that mug and use it every day!

Maggie was incredibly understanding, helpful, patient, creative, professional, and wonderful during this new process. When I received the pendant, well... I cried again, this time from happiness! My daughter was actually with me when the package arrived. We loved it. Soo beautiful, it exceeded all expectations. It feels great. I told Maggie that now I could break something else to do it all over again ;) ” ~

Tiger's Eye Trust Talisman

"Maggie Moore was a joy to work with.  She immediately made me feel safe and appreciated.  She understood me like no one ever had. Her sense of humor is contagious!  I wear my beautifully designed necklace as a reminder of all the things most meaningful to me. To summarize, Maggie combined her amazing intuitive powers with an absolutely gorgeous necklace." ~ Debbie 

debbie tiger eye snowflake talisman
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