Spirit Guided Reiki
 Energy Healing

I became a Usui Unlimited Reiki Master in 2003. Through the years I have created a specialized practice INVITING SPIRIT, TRANSFORMATIONAL VISUALIZATIONS and RADICAL HEALING. 

Understanding that OUR THOUGHTS BECOME OUR REALITY, I help you become clear of your negative belief systems and REDEFINE your inner world to come from a place of STRENGTH. I give you a tool chest of goodies to remember your value and keep you accountable to staying the course long term. 

If you decide to partner with me, I commit to keep you GROUNDED on your path to REDISCOVERING YOUR OWN EMPOWERED CENTER. You will receive gifts and energy tools that you can use whenever you need the reminder how just how magnificent you are.

How It Works

Your Healing Journey begins with a FREE 30 Minute Introductory Consultation. Once we know we are a good fit, we plan our session together.


If you are local to midcoast Maine, LET'S DO an in-person session! You will need to secure 2 1/2 - 3 HOURS FOR EACH SESSION.



LONG DISTANCE ENERGY REIKI sessions can be given ANYWHERE AROUND THE WORLD and are just as potent as in-person sessions. Reserve the same amount of time. 

The Pre-session phone/zoom call is approx. 60 minutes. We will either go directly into our Energy Healing session or connect later that same day.


The Energy Session portion will take around 45 minutes. We will not be on the phone or in contact.  I will connect with your energy and work remotely as you relax and receive.

The follow up 6o minute call is usually planned for the following day when we will discuss any messages from source and the energy cards. The crystal grid will remain up for 48 hours. Any intentions I write down will be released through a burning ceremony to complete the session.


Long Distance Energy Reiki Healing Session: $250

~ 1 hour zoom/phone energy coaching call before the session

~ an intuitive energy healing treatment

~ angel and energy card reading

~ a custom healing crystal grid

~ 1 hour zoom/phone energy coaching call after the session

~ emailed images and messages from reading to be accessible anytime


Seasonal Energy Reiki Healing Session Package: $650

This offering includes:

~ 3 Long Distance Healing Sessions (see description above) to be used within a 3 month period


~ Personal Journey Journal

~ Healing Crystal Heart Stone

~ FREE Healing Crystal Care Consulation to teach you how to clear, cleanse, charge and intend with your Healing Crystal Heart and any other crystals you own.

Healing takes time. Like peeling off the layers of an onion, hurts and traumas that shift can lead to more discoveries and opportunities to go even deeper. The Power of 3 Package is based on the idea of making a DEEP COMMITMENT to YOURSELF and your healing journey. 


Ready to Get Started?

It is important to create trust when working on real lasting change. 

Claim Your FREE Initial 30 minute Get to Know You Call.

Let's see if we are a good fit!

We will talk about where you are in the moment and I will answer any questions you might have concerning my work. Transparency is key and I want you to feel valued and know the value you will be receiving.

Energy Client Testimonial

sarah jean testimonial 1 22.jpg

"Maggie SHOWED ME MY PATH, illuminated the way, and walked and guided me until  I WAS READY to travel some on my own.


IF YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE, Maggie will be your cheerleader.


IF YOU WANT TO TRANSFORM, Maggie will help you cultivate your caterpillar “goo” inside your cocoon to become a butterfly.

And if you want to know what you are capable of, Maggie will help you FIND YOUR SELF-WORTH buried beneath a pile of rubble to

successfully BUILD A FOUNDATION  that you need to HOUSE YOUR DREAMS.


If you are even remotely on the fence about working with this beautiful healer and MYSTICAL BEING, then all I can say is SET ANY FEARS ASIDE. Maggie was an amazing fit for me at the RIGHT TIME, and it could be the same for you." ~ Sarah Jean G.