Spirit Guided
 Energy Healing

I became a Reiki Master Healer in 2003. Through the years I have created a specialized practice inviting spirit, transformational visualizations and radical healing. Honoring my desire to help those during this pandemic, I am offering long distance healing to anyone anywhere around the world.

Understanding that our thoughts become our reality, I help my clients become clear of their negative belief systems and redefine their inner world to come from a place of strength. I give you a tool chest of goodies to remember your value and keep you accountable to staying the course long term. 

If you decide to partner with me, I commit to keep you grounded on your path to rediscovering your own empowered center. You will receive gifts and energy tools that you can use whenever you need the reminder of your beauty.

How it works

Your Healing Journey begins with an introductory consultation. We will create a one of a kind program that will include a package of energy healing treatments, one on one phone calls before and after each session, energy card readings, cystal grids, mantras and messages from source, a journey journal to transcribe your personal notes, a healing stone to hold close to your heart and help create a sacred space in your home. To top it off, I am working on an online diary where you will be able to access to all of my session notes, images and messages to refer to anytime.

In-Person Reiki Session in Topsham, ME last between 2-3 hours.

Long Distance Reiki Sessions can be given anywhere in the world. They  include a zoom session before and after, energy card reading and crystal grid activation. 

Power Partners Activate

It is important to create trust when working on real lasting change. 

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We will talk about where you are in the moment and I will explain my energy coaching and intuitive healing packages that I offer. Transparency is key and I want you to feel valued and know the value you will be receiving.