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Get Wild

Let's make some magic.


Much like other therapies for the body and mind, healing and transformation take time and commitment to yourself. After working for twenty years as a healer, I have found that the most profound shifts in my clients have come from those who have committed to long-term partnerships designed to fit their lifestyles. Not that clients who see me once in a while don't have profound experiences. I have discovered that as we peel the layers away from what is keeping clients stuck, it is in their best interest to take our time for lasting resultsWhen you explore my deep dive offerings:

Claim Your Talisman Journey

Energy Healing meets Talisman Creation


Wild Woman Awakening Journey

The Tangible Magic Six-Month Journey of Self-Discovery

You will learn more about what it will be like to work with me in-depth. Just like my solo offerings, the Deep Dive Journeys begin with a 30-plus-minute free connection Zoom call to see if we are a good fit. Although, most likely, if you are here, we have worked together before. 

In my eyes, a good life is all about progress.

To live to the fullest, you have to be willing to take responsibility for who you are and continue to grow and change to be able to claim the life you came here to have. This philosophy drives my vision to help you transform and rediscover your intuitive gifts, embrace your personal power, and work with physical sacred objects in your lives like Talismans to keep you striving. Let's begin.

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Chose Your Journey

There is so much more waiting for you. 

You are ready, so take some time to discover these deep dive adventures. Then let's book a call when you have found your match or if you like us to decide on the journey together. 

Wild Woman

Witness Circle

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Wild Woman


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Wild Woman

Awakening Journey

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