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Heal with me

Are you ready to connect to your guides, ancestors, angels,

healers, and helpers? 


Everyone has a team waiting to be called in.

Maybe you felt intuitive pulls when you were younger or have experienced deja vu.

Most likely, the kid part of you is jumping up and down, saying "YES",

while your adult version may hesitate to own this knowing.

 I believe that spirit takes many forms, and we all have some level of psychic ability.

Kids can live in a world of possibility, while adults are held back by restrictions, rules, and societal pressures. 

And maybe your idea of spirit is a man on a cloud, a beam of light, earth elements, guardian angels, or even garden gnomes! Let's explore and find out who is rooting for you in the universe!

When we do energy healing and coaching, we will tap into your tribe to support your journey

and we begin to reawaken and celebrate your natural intuitive abilities. 


Trained as a Usui Reiki Practitioner, my 20 years of experience have enhanced the channeling abilities I have been gifted since a child. I have only started sharing the extent of my gifts for a few years for fear of persecution, but I can tell you now that I am standing proud and tall in my beliefs, and I am a safe place to explore yours.

Enough about me, I want to know about you!

hands holding crystal

Choose your path of healing 


Life is about making choices.

So let us work together to create the most healing series of sessions curated for your needs.

All of my healing work can be done virtually around the globe,

so there is no limitation to how far it may feel in the moment.

All sessions start with a free 30-minute consultation so book a call if you can't decide your path

and we will work together to make the right choice for you.

Divine Combination Energy Healing and Talisman Creation

hands holding custom maggie moore talisman rings

Spirit Guided
Reiki Energy Healing Session

healing crystal grid on orange grid and surrounded by selenite
Spirit Guided Reiki Energy Session

Spirit Guided
Reiki Energy Healing Session

healing crystal grid on orange grid and surrounded by selenite

What you will receive

~ 1 hour pre-session connection call to connect with your guides and prepare you for your healing

~ 1 hour Spirit Guided Reiki Energy Session for you to receive long-distance healing

~ Oracle, Angel, and energy card reading (images and meanings to keep inspiring you)

~ 1 custom healing crystal grid to enhance your healing experience

~ 1 hour post-session connection Zoom call to discuss our session and energy card messages


How it works

Spirit Guided Energy Healing Sessions are an incredible way to move through a lot of stuck energy and reawaken your magic. This is a delicious half-day of self-care for you to dive deep into connecting to your spirit team, reawakening your light, and opening yourself to a brighter you.


Long Distance

With long distance, we will connect via Zoom/phone to start. The energy healing part of your session will be done remotely without contact as you relax and receive.  I will send you an email with an image of the crystal grid and all of your Oracle card images and messages. We will then reconnect via Zoom/phone to complete our work together.


In House Sessions

In-house sessions flow from pre-session consultations to healing and closing connections. You will leave with a handwritten takeaway with cards and channeled messages from your session.

1/2 Day of spirit-driven self-care

single session $330

4-season yearly session package $1200

(4 sessions over 12 months = $100 per month)

payment plans available

crystal grid with bird's nest in center filled with crystals

My experience of Maggie when she is doing Reiki with me? She is single-minded, focused, and holding space. Her presence and skill make Reiki a truly healing art in her hands.
After Maggie’s treatments, I feel deeply quiet and open, and I learn things. Our conversations are enlightening and affirming.  I trust her intelligence and insight, her to regard my life’s journey with reverence and care.
Maggie's enthusiasm for connecting energetically is palpable. I find it remarkable every time that she can practice this art long-distance (I am in Maryland, and she is in Maine). Maggie clearly wants to make a difference in the lives she touches, and I can say unequivocally that this has been true for me. ~ Celia P.

Divine Combination Energy Healing and Talisman Creation

hands holding custom maggie moore talisman rings

This offer is so juicy that it gets its own page!

rainbow crystal grid
crystal grid with intention
crystal grid with bird's nest
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