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Crystal Guided Healing 

Are you ready to connect to your guides


We are not meant to heal alone. Everyone has a team of guides, ancestors, angels, healers, and helpers waiting to be called into service. Most likely, the kid part of you is jumping up and down, saying "YES," while your adult version may hesitate to own this knowingLet's break free of these burdens and explore this beautiful truth.

When we do energy healing and coaching, we will tap into your tribe to support your journey while we reawaken and celebrate your natural intuitive abilities. Maybe your idea of spirit is the big man on a cloud, a beam of light, earth elements, Guardian Angels, or even garden gnomes! It's time to discover who and what is rooting for you in the universe.

Are you curious about how to use Crystals to amplify your healing?


The relationship between crystals and humans is ancient. When we unearth the mystery of the ancient mineral kingdom and remember its healing powers, we empower the revival of one of humanity's greatest allies. Crystals are the physical manifestation of transformation, and they are here to serve as amplifying and manifesting partners in our quest to heal and remember our intuitive gifts. As a certified Crystal guide, I work with crystals with healing sessions to enhance your experience and allow you to find solace in these sacred spirit friends. 

You are in safe hands.

Trained as a Usui Reiki Practitioner, my 20+ years of experience have enhanced the channeling abilities I have been gifted with since childhood. I have only started sharing the extent of my gifts for a few years for fear of persecution, but I can tell you now that I am standing proud in my beliefs, and I have created a safe place for you. 

I have encountered every kind of guide, from loving family members with messages from the beyond to mystical creatures that have been a client's secret companion for ages. Beloved pets, Archangels, and ancient masters have all made their presence known. I believe that when you leave the desire to control who and what is waiting for you, the magic of spirit can share its divine guidance effortlessly. 

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Chose Your Path
of Healing

Life is about trusting in your choices. 

I believe that our steps (even those that feel like missteps) are divinely guided. If you have landed here, it is time for us to work together and create the most healing sessions curated for your needs.


All of my healing work can be done virtually around the globe, so there is no limitation to how far we may be physically. All Healing Sessions begin with a free 30-minute consultation, so book a call if you can't decide your path, and we will work together to make the right choice for you. Or keep reading about my offerings, and let's make a date.

Oracle Card Reading

Crystal Grid


 Session Packages

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Crystal Guided
Reiki Energy Healing


 Session Packages

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Divine Combination
Energy Healing

Talisman Creation

 Session Package

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Crystal Guided
Reiki Energy Healing


Session Packages

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Client Testimonials

I have been blessed to experience wonderful healing sessions with Maggie while going through breast cancer treatments. Maggie is a skilled, intuitive lightworker. During our distance healing sessions, I felt energy swirling through me as waves of love and peace settled into my heart. After our sessions, Maggie called with feedback about what she had experienced and channeled during our healing time.

Then, rather like magic, synchronicities began to occur in my life-things she suggested I do or take part in and began to open up.

Not only is Maggie a powerful Reiki practitioner, but she is also a loving, passionate woman who will work her hardest to help her clients in their healing journey.~ Tess W.

My experience of Maggie when she is doing Reiki with me? She is single-minded, focused, and holding space. Her presence and skill make Reiki a truly healing art in her hands.  After Maggie’s treatments, I feel deeply quiet and open, and I learn things. Our conversations are enlightening and affirming.  I trust her intelligence and insight, her to regard my life’s journey with reverence and care. Maggie's enthusiasm for connecting energetically is palpable. I find it remarkable every time that she can practice this art long-distance (I am in Maryland, and she is in Maine). Maggie clearly wants to make a difference in the lives she touches, and I can say unequivocally that this has been true for me. ~ Celia P.

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