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Heal Your Heart

It is time to clear your energy and start anew.


You are ready to prioritize yourself, and I am here to help. Let me guide you in a safe and open-minded setting so you can explore who you came here to be and start to live life on your terms, with your voice and badass desires.

Let's invite your Spirit team to help you heal.

When we do energy healing and coaching, we will tap into your Spirit Team to support your journey while reawaking your natural ability to believe in your own intuitive feelings. Maybe your idea of spirit is the big man on a cloud, a beam of light, earth elements, Guardian Angels, or even garden gnomes! It's time to discover who and what is rooting for you in the universe. I would love to share more about what it means to call in your team; visit my channeling page and read through testimonials at the bottom of each treatment page.

What makes my energy sessions unique?

I incorporate crystals and oracle cards into my offerings to boost the healing process and validate with guidance from Spirit. With 20 years of Dr. Usui Reiki Healing under my belt, I feel confident that we will discover the right crystals to assist in our sessions and enjoy seeing what your spirit guides would like you to know through these intuitive gifts. If you want to learn more about my Reiki, Crystal, or Oracle Card practices, please visit their pages under gifts and guidance. (or click on the word to get there)

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Let the Healing Begin

Trust Yourself. 

Our steps (even those that feel like missteps) are divinely guided. All of my healing work can happen at my home studio (if you are local to midcoast Maine) or be done virtually around the globe, so there are no limitations to working together. Claim your free 30-minute consultation and let's get started.

Chakra Balancing

Crystal Healing


Intuitive Crystal Energy Healing 

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Deep Dive

Energy Healing 

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