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Live Chakra Shaking
20 min Dance Breaks

weekdays 8am EST

Live weekday 20-minute dance break classes

monthly membership is HERE!

  • LIVE Zoom 20-minute 8am EST Dance Breaks every weekday

  • Spotify Daily Changing Set List

  • Spotify Monthly Dance Song List


Starting February 1, 2024, Chakra Shaking Dance Breaks will begin my monthly membership for $22. You will receive the first seven days FREE to try us out, even if you have been dancing with us for a year! You will be charged monthly, and you can cancel anytime.


Please bear with me, as this is my first time creating a membership, so there might be a few bumps along the way. I will add songs to the monthly Dance Set List on Spotify for days I cannot teach. I will send you a recording to dance with for planned vacations during the year.

You get to decide how often to come. The cost is about a buck a dance, so don't sweat it if you miss one. But your body might make sure you are back the next day!

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Client Testimonials

I love these morning shakes as they energize me; however, my body needs to move. It’s my time with graceful guidance and fantastic music. I love how Maggie changes it every time, and I’m in awe at how she seems to pick the right music and set the perfect intention every time. When I skip or miss a chakra shaking session, I notice how “off” and disconnected from myself throughout the day. Your gift is a gift that keeps on giving. I’m grateful to receive the offering. ~ D.D.

A place to ground, be expressive, uninhibited, dance, sing, release by shaking it out, then get centered and be energetically guided toward positivity and greater self-love! ~ JW

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