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Commit to ONE Shift Today

Finding Your Way Home to YOU

I am pretty excited about exploring my new newsletter relationship with you. It's not that I won't show up in social media. My commitment is to detach from my phone and the frantic pattern of checking likes and messages. This feels like I have lifted a huge weight of self doubt, fear of failure and most importantly DISTRACTION.

Did I tell you I have ADD and Dyslexia?

Yeah...I was never officially diagnosed, but since I was a kid I have struggled with big words and sentence arrangements. Not to mention staying focused on one task and not allowing myself to be pulled into the world of minutia. Changing my relationship with my time-sucking phone apps is no small task.

But here is the thing. This is what I NEED to redefine my relationship with myself. I am owning my addiction to distraction and I am actively choosing a new thought.

Commit to ONE SHIFT this week

We are in this together. If this idea resonates with you and you can sense it is time for you to make some changes in how you FEEL on the inside, then I ask you to join me and COMMIT TO ONE SHIFT!

It doesn't have to be your relationship with social media,

but it's a GREAT place to start...

For Example: the next 7 days commit to not keeping your phone in your bedroom.

Think of some other way to start your day Self care LOVE that fills you up!

My daily routine includes saying 3 things I am grateful for at that very moment. (It could be as simple as the sound of the birds outside or the softness of the sheets I am lying under.)

I would SO LOVE it if you send me an email with the results of your matter what SHIFT you choose. Here's to a self love revolution my friends! xo Maggie

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