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Blessing for Mom and Baby Bonding Earrings

Sometimes, becoming a mother happens in the most unexpected and miraculous ways.

A childhood friend of mine, Dan, called me to see if I would make a pair of earrings for his partner. He excitedly explained that she had just given birth to a little girl. He really wanted to honor their bond.

We carefully considered what she would like and chose to use gemstones to represent their birthstones—Sapphire for mom and Peridot for baby. 

I was a little confused as he didn't say it was his daughter. I didn't want to pry, but Dan shared their incredible story and gave me permission to share. 

When Dan met his lady love, she was already on the journey of becoming a mom. After facing some issues with getting pregnant, she reached out to her best friend for help. Without hesitation, her best friend was on board with giving her the most beautiful gift a woman could give. Her friend had donated one of her eggs to be fertilized with their preferred sperm donor, and it worked!


For nine months, Dan's girlfriend successfully carried her miracle baby. This gorgeous little girl is now out in the world, celebrating her life. And Dan has two loves to share his life with. Of all the jewelry I’ve ever made, this has the most beautiful spark of celebration, friendship, undying love, and true joy.

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