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I Choose to be HAPPY

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

"I Choose..."

Just finished the last embodied energy session with my client in Hong Kong. I was lucky enough to design two pieces of jewelry as part of her Divine Combination healing/talisman work. This sacred necklace represents my client as the center stone and her family out in the ripples of her expanded vision.

Can we just talk about for a minute? embodied energy long distance healing session all the way to Hong Kong! The ability to do this around the world is truly magic!

Today we wrapped up the work we started over the past three months. I echoed back parts of our journey as we celebrated how her daily life has shifted with her commitment to healing and growing.

This Work is Different from Therapy

This energy work isn't about bringing up the hurt in the past and examining them from every aspect. I actually love when my clients have/had a therapist because the work they have done helps inform our work together.

What I do is create a safe vessel where someone feels ready to reveal the reality of their life and we work together to celebrate, shift and shake up your patterns to create new, incredible ways to embrace each day.

Growing and Healing Together

So here is the thing. I am celebrating her victories while I am dealing with a load of really hard things on my end at the same time. Some old wounds have reared their ugly heads over the past few weeks.

In my past, I would cry a lot, take constant baths, obsess about the situation and basically stop functioning. It was a deep groove that I could not seem to skip and it has cost me a lot of hardship AND further emotional programming that kept me stuck.

Today as I talked with my client, I was light, happy and even shared a little about how I am currently handling my situation without having to lie or fake any bit of my new found freedom. I am consciously choosing to be happy in the chaos.

What I am trying to say is that this works

I made a commitment to take myself on as a client back at the beginning of 2020. Even though I had been doing reiki since 2004, it has been lying dormant for so long that I knew that I could only stand behind the work if I stood first in line. We are Healing and Growing TOGETHER!

I woke up this morning and before my inner chatter could really start picking up speed, I stopped it in its tracks with this simple phrase:

"I Choose to be Happy Today"

And you know what? It's true! That simple phrase that I am currently using as my mantra not just as I awake, but any time that nasty inner voice starts showing me signs that my life is really a shit show....I say I CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY while I breathe in deeply. So what do you CHOOSE today? Let me know if it feels right. I am here when you are ready~ xoxo Maggie

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