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Orion Constellation Calling You Home

Do You Follow the Stars?

​I met Emily in 7th grade. I was named her "big sister" at our private girl school as she was starting that year and needed a friend to show her the ropes. We were fast friends passing little cartoons to each other with made-up comics about Star Wars and the Scarecrow and Mrs. King. So we go waaaay back. 

Three years ago, we began some healing work together. We had reconnected through social media years before but didn't start our conversations until it became clear that Emily could use a big sister once again. Would you believe that she still had the postcard I had sent her from Cape Cod the year before our 7th grade, letting her know I was on her side? Clearly, we were kindred spirits! 


We shared another divine connection through the stars. Through working with Emily, I discovered that we had both held on to the Orion Constellation in our own lives as a beacon of hope and strength. So when it came time to create a sacred Talisman for her, there was no question he would make an appearance. The front of this tangible magic pendant is really a secret code, and that meaning will stay tucked away for only Emily, myself, and the universe to know. 

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