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The 17 Second Rule for Raising Your Vibration

First things first....

Social Media Rewiring Check In

How did it go?

Did you rewire any part of your social media and phone routine?

Did you take more moments to be present?

Focus on new ways to spend your energy?

And what showed up if you did?

Did you realize how easy it is to be seduced by social media?

Start spending more quality time with YOU?

Feel sad for loss of connection?

The truth is there is no right or wrong answer on this. We can be fed both positively and negatively looking through the lens of others. If we find we are comparing ourselves in a way that leaves us feeling down, then taking that break to be present is just SO SO GOOD! If we find that we use it as a way to stay connected to the one we love, then finding a healthy balance around how often you are scrolling can make for a better daily experience.

I actually gave one of my energy clients the EXACT OPPOSITE advise during one of our call. She is going through a huge life changing time and distractions can act as a HIGH VIBRATIONAL BUFFER as you are transforming! Sometimes you are STUCK and no magic words are going to shift you back to center, an adorable video might get your heart back on track and suddenly you start feeling a little better which leads to a better feeling thought and a better feeling moment and then it just STEAMROLLS from there!

Personally I am obsessed with otter videos and I know their value to my mental health. So although I have changed my morning routine of keeping phones out of my bedroom and focusing on my meditation/gratitude practice when I wake up (it FEELS AMAZING)....I always make time for a Little Otter Love! If you feel so inclined, send me a line and let me know what you learned about yourself and your relationship with social media!

The 17 Second Rule for Raising Your Vibration

My incredible Chakra Business Coach, Avalon, reminded me this week of the 17 second rule first introduced byAbraham Hicks.If you have ever heard of the movie,The Secret, or the concept of manifestations, then you most likely have heard of Abraham Hicks.

I had the pleasure of seeing Esther Hicks channel Abraham around 2005 when I was first introduced to the idea of positive thinking and manifesting the life you really want.

There is a very simple and powerful tool she introduced me to that involves holding a positive thought forand watching how that thought leads to another positive thought which leads to shifting your vibration to a higher and higher and higher frequency. Check out this awesome video with Esther talking you through it HERE!

For all my CHAKRA SHAKING SISTERS out there who love to shimmy your way to a higher vibration, THIS 17 Second Technique can do wonders when you are too blue to boogie or dancing isn't an option! ~ xoxo Maggie

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