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The Healing Power of Letter Burning

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The Healing Power of Letter Burning

Sometimes we have feelings stuck inside and they seem to overtake us or lay dormant until they strike as the most inopportune times. These emotions need a way to be expressed and released. One of my favorite ways to let go of hard feelings, deep seated regrets, unfinished business and never ending negative self talk is through the powerful gift of letter burning. Who do I write to? ANYONE! This letter could be written to God, Spirit, a loved one, a friend, a public figure and most importantly yourself. What should I say? EVERYTHING! Everything you have been holding inside. It doesn't matter how dark or angry or nasty the words come out on paper. THAT IS THE POINT! They need OUT! Don't pussyfoot around your real feelings. DIG DEEP AND SPEAK YOUR TRUTH! What do I write on? ANYTHING! You can pull out your favorite notebook or just grab a sheet of paper handy. A wise woman once told me that the faster the paper burns, the more ready you are to really let go. (I recommend using a thin type so you can feel the paper tear in your hands and allow the flames to dance in the fire.) What do I do once I have written my letter? RIP IT INTO SHREDS! You can wait till you are outside or do this right in the moment. I do suggest either reading the letter aloud or to yourself before you start to rip. Where do I light up my letter? OUTSIDE! Safety first my friends! Make sure to have a container that can withstand the heat, have water handy and try to stay out of the wind. Matches are the best if you have them handy. You can even use your smudge stick if you like to get the fire alight! What do I do while it's burning? YOU CHOOSE! You can cry. You can scream. You can quietly witness the energy of your words be engulfed in flames. You can sing or pray. (Just keep your eyes open to keep an eye on the fire.) You might have a little stick or tool to mix the paper around. I really like to make sure that ALL of the WRITING has been burned off to make sure the ENERGY behind my words will be RELEASED FULLY! How do I end my ritual? CELEBRATE! Make sure to sprinkle a little water on ashes to make sure they don't fly away. As if rinsing the pain away, water acts as a perfect purifying end of your ritual. Then you can jump up and down. Dance. Meditate. Thank yourself. Hold on to your heart and sense how you are feeling. Think of something you are grateful for and enjoy your day.

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