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A Healer Making Jewelry ~ A Divine Combination

A Healer Making Jewelry ~ A Divine Combination


It all started with a lucid dream.


I saw myself making jewelry in a little cabin in the woods in Maine. Funny thing is that I had no experience as a jeweler and wasn’t even living in New England at the time.


The year was 2006 and I was sitting in a circle of fellow artisans and healers in Maryland, eyes closed and listening to a manifestation teacher lead us through a visualization to help us create the life we always wanted.


I wasn’t thriving as an artist after four years at a prestigious art school and a decade of working for other artisans on my quest to find my passion. Trying my hand at every craft, singing for bands at night in hopes of landing an agent and doing a bang up job at avoiding the intuitive hits I would get though my days.


You see, growing up I saw visions.


Connected to something that some call God and others might refer to source, it was the one thing that I felt safe and secure.  My childhood wasn’t tragic, but it was filled with tiny tears that were hard for an empathic child who knew she was here to do something important and not sure how to achieve that lofty goal.


Attuning my energy and becoming a certified Reiki practitioner a few years earlier to taking the manifestation class only made me more vulnerable to the outside forces around me. I was not grounded in my life or confident in my gifts.


I moved to Maine.


The truth was that I forgot about the “jeweler dream” when I moved later that very year. It wasn’t until I had started taking a few jewelry classes that I even considered I might be onto something. I was seeing energy clients, teaching healing movement classes and starting to explore a life as a jeweler about a year later.


As if on autopilot, I discovered my love for crafting beautiful talismans and bespoke custom jewelry pieces for others. It filled me up and gave me purpose. Desiring to make this a living, it pushed out the time for energy work and just about anything else. I was driven by the desire to have my name become a brand and that brand to become financial stability. 


Casting my one of a kind pieces into collections allowed me to make multiples of the same design and sell to galleries and clients across the country. There was a desire for each piece to be special, but there was a stronger pull of being the provider that tugged on my soul.


When I had just turned forty, my first husband, Greg Bokor, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed away 6 months later.


There was no time to think about how to fill each piece with my reiki energy or where my passion for sacred personal jewelry could fit in. I was filling orders and focusing on new designs to delight my customers.


Buying a beautiful home on the water in midcoast Maine became and remains to this day, my refuge. It isn’t a cabin in the woods, but it is pretty darn close.


My jewelry studio was cramped and busy at first. My life was chaotic and ungrounded to a point. When I would sit in my tent at a craft show, I would find myself quite despondent. This was not how I wanted to make an impact on the world. I had lost touch with my real purpose.


And the thing is that the visions and intuitive hits never stopped. I had had some incredible moments with energy healing clients through the years. The hospice nurse and I even gave Greg a reiki treatment hours before his death and I could actually see him above his body. Keeping all of these experiences close to my heart, I could sense that spirit was no longer interested in being ignored.


The synergetic magic began to happen.


I met my person, Daniel Moore, five years ago. And he came with bonus people. I am happily remarried to the absolute love of my life and bonus mom to two glorious girls. They changed everything for me.


The shift in my homelife made the schedule of a craftsperson very difficult. There was now a tug of war between time at shows and time with my family. But that was just the surface of the issue. I was now in a stable loving partnership where I could shed my provider shield and ask my dearest Daniel for time to explore my deepest passion.


I was ready to return to my sacred jewelry talisman making and energy healing. And now I had found a way to blend them into one incredible Divine Combination.


Over the past two years I have finally come full circle to fulfill my purpose, celebrate my life and validate the beauty from my lucid dream of becoming a jeweler in Maine all those years ago.


My days are filled with working with clients across the globe, creating special one of a kind pieces of jewelry that fill them up at a time when we all need support in the biggest ways. Through incredible tools like zoom, I have been able to connect to clients as far as Hong Kong and Egypt and as close as just down the block.


There is no limitation of what we can create together. My energy work is long distant so healing happens where you are. There is no limit to the pieces we can design together in celebration of our time together, the traumas we push through, the lives lost that we cherish and the talismans that remind you of who YOU came here to be.


There is an undeniable healing force that lives in the very bedrock in which I step upon every day. You might feel a special connection to Maine from where you are reading this article right now. I would be honored to make a piece for you someday. Maybe you need a piece of Maine to keep you grounded in your daily work or ready to let go of something that is keeping you from thriving even in these deeply troubled times.


When you are ready, let’s talk.

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