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Join The Joyful Altar Journey

Do you know one of the main reasons

I am OBSESSED with crystals?


Take a minute to let that soak in.

I strongly believe that we need physical objects as a

reminder that we are loved and accountable to ourselves.

My love for Talismans are much larger than the

jewelry pieces that I create.


We gather symbols of hope and

celebration throughout our lived.

Just a Few Examples of What Might Show up on Your Altar

  • a favorite birthday card from a beloved friend

  • a precious bottle of perfume 

  • a piece of costume jewelry from our treasured grandparent

  • a first place ribbon from the fourth grade field day

  • a favorite teabag quote

  • your sweet pet's collar you have kept after their passing

  • a statue of your favorite saints, gods and goddesses

  • a palo santo or sage stick for clearing

  • crystals large and small

  • heart stones and shells from your trip to the shore

  • postcards of faraway places you long to visit

  • holy water or blessed ocean water

  • photographs of your ancestors

  • tibetan singing bowls toned to your favorite chakra

  • colorful prayer flags

  • a lucky rabbit's foot 

  • a handwritten mantra that keeps you going

  • your favorite books

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