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Design Your Own
Soul Famiily Tree

Release the Bonds from
Your Family "Tree" of Origin

Family of Origin:

A person's family of origin refers to the family they grew up in.

It consists of parents, siblings, and other relatives i.e., grandparents, cousins,

step-brothers, step-sisters, etc., that a person lived with during

an entire/part of childhood.

One of the most common issues I find with my clients stem from bonds and traumas with their family of origin.


Have I mentioned I am my own client too? This issue is near and dear to my heart. I work on it daily not only with my feelings towards by family of origin, but with my chosen family through marriage and even friends.


I have learned so many lessons over the years about healthy boundaries with others and how the ties that bind can choke the life out of us if we are unable to unwind their hold on our hearts.


Whether there is a deep wound still activated from your own parent's negative behavior or current family or friend situations that are causing havoc on your nervous system and your life, I have found one very effective way to shift your thought patterns and start to reinstate a healthy and happy sense of feeling loved by others by creating your OWN SOUL FAMILY TREE. 

Your Soul Family Assignment

Creating a Soul Family Tree will help you reframe your life. Regaining faith in those who truly see and love you, you will begin to open your heart to new relationships and possibly find the strength to begin addressing those relationships which still feel strained.


You choose the creative expression of your Soul Family Tree. There are endless ways to make this happen. The most important step is actually following through so you have a physical image to look upon. You can create a composit photo collage on your computer, draw it out in a personal diary or stick it right on your wall.  What if you purchased a little evergreen bush that you decorated with your Soul Famliy to brighten your space? The possibilities are endless!


Take some time to settle yourself down as you think of your favorite people.  Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to sink into your seat. Or you shake your body to your favorite tunes to become present. DON'T skip this STEP. It is so important to be in the moment for this deep work.


Whether you are writing in a journal, sticky notes or voice recording, begin to name ANYONE and ONLY ANYONE in your life that FILLS YOU UP when you think of them. You DON'T want to add a person to your Soul Family Tree that you have some unfinished business or hard feelings.


How will you know? Check in with your heart.


Imagine this person in your mind. Let your GUT tell you how you feel. Without giving your mind time to argue and defend your feelings, SENSE in your body how this person MAKES YOU really FEEL. No judgement, trust your truth in the moment.

IF you get a full body YES, add this name to your list. If there is a little tug of yucky feelings, let it go for now and move on.


Go through everyone you hold dear. You can ABSOLUTELY have family members on this list, but know you can pass them ALL completely if you are not drawn to add them.


Think about people you LOVE that FILL YOU UP, ACCEPT YOU for ALL of YOU and make you SMILE JUST THINKING ABOUT THEM.

1. Make sure to include YOU
2. Think of any of your relatives past you LOVE
3. How about your angels? guides? imaginary friends? Unicorns? Elves? Sentient Beings? There is no limits to the kinds of beings that can be a part of your team!

Important Things to Remember

The Creation of your Soul Tree

You are ready to bring this Soul Family Tree to LIFE! You can draw out the shape of a tree, get a little mini topiary plant or just about anything you can think of to make your sacred ground. 

You can use photos or just names of your new Soul Family members and place them all over your new tree. It doesn't matter if there is one or one hundred. What matters is that when you look at this beautiful family, you are filled with LOVE and GRATITUDE!

soul falimly tree .jpg
soul falimly tree 2.jpg

As I mentioned this Soul Tree is YOURS.

You get to keep it to yourself or share it with anyone you feel deserves to meet your Soul Family. The invitation is open to share your Soul Family Tree in our Sacred Group.

And if you are feeling ready to release some of the family bonds that have been holding you back and not sure how to make that happen? Let's connect. There is a link to my FREE 30 minute consultation below.

Share Your Soul
Family Tree wtih US!

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