Talisman Creation

I will create a one of a kind Talisman for you. I work with you one on one to design the sacred piece along with the guidance of spirit. Focusing on the energy of the stones and materials needed, Iwill craft a piece that will keep you inspired for decades to come.

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How it works

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Your Talisman Journey begins with an introductory consultation. We will connect about your desired piece and begin to create together. This work can be in combination with energy work or you can request a talisman on its own. You are welcome to visit my website dedicated to my jewelry www.maggiemoorejewelry.com to see more work.

"Maggie has this beautiful ability to hear beyond the sounds and words we share.  She intuitively recognizes pieces of ourselves that desire touching - through our senses of sight, sound, and physical engagement. Maggie reminded me of a part of my soul that I had neglected as life bogged me down.


Through our time together, we created a personal talisman that captures my simplistic style, yet portrays a powerful statement that embraces the courage and confidence of my inner and playful self. Working with Maggie on this level has brought a delight in my life and how I continue to evolve and grow into my life work.  What a joy to design alongside such talent, create a custom and personalized piece that truly reflects the parts within me that others might recognize when I forget. 


My gorgeous necklace is a treasured piece that I admire every time my eyes fall upon it, reminding me of the treasure I am by the one who created me. Thank you Maggie, for the gem that you are and reminding all who know you how blessed each of us are, too"  ~ Deborah B.

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“Working with Maggie is a joy. She’s quick, funny, and full of heart. Every session is a new way of seeing one’s old challenges! And Maggie has a way of seeing into you that makes you feel like you’ve known one another forever. Her healing work is equally impressive and unlike any other I’ve experienced before.


Her unique combination of reiki, channeling and somatic movement have created awesome shifts in my life and in how I show up for myself and others. Being a personal and professional coach, it was so wonderful to be held with such compassion—so rare for someone who is used to giving so much. I loved that we were able to get to the root cause of my chief saboteurs, heal them, and hear reinforcing messages from the other side. I felt the difference after one session, but have felt even more comfortable and sure in my skin since the second session.


From start to finish, Maggie brings in wonderful touches to create a long-lasting healing experience. To have a visual and energetic reminder of all that I learned, Maggie also made me a custom talisman ring, which I love! If you’re wondering if this is for you, just go for it! It’s the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. Healers need help, too. Thank you, Maggie, for holding the space for me in such an transformative way." ~ Lori V.