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Divine Combination Energy Healing and Talisman Creation

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Energy Healing Meets Talisman Creation

With this incredible combination of energy healing and talisman creation, I have blended the two most important gifts I bring to the world, and I want to share this unique blend of Tangible Magic with you.

Unexpected troubles can thwart that incredible high you might get from powerful energy work. Having a physical object to remind you of your healing experience and reconnect with the spirit team cheering you on can be a vital blessing when you feel lost.


You can reach for your talisman or hunt for your favorite crystal to keep you strong on those days. So, let's make magic that will keep feeding your soul for years, reminding you of all you are!

Indulge me and watch a two-minute video about the Divine Combination to get inspired.

The Divine Combination is waiting for you

What you will receive

Like my Energy Healing Sessions, you will connect with me to discuss your project. You don't need a clear picture of what you want to heal or shift. If you feel drawn to this process, then you know the connection is real, and you are ready for it. We will figure out your journey together. Once you meet, I will design an energy program that will incorporate the creation of your sacred talisman. 

Your Spirit Guided Reiki Energy Healing Session

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~ 1 hr pre-session connection call to connect with your guides and prepare you for your healing

~ 1 hr Spirit Guided Reiki Energy Session for you to receive long-distance healing

~ Oracle, Angel, and energy card reading (images and meanings to keep inspiring you)

~ 1 custom healing crystal grid to enhance your healing experience

~ 1 hr post-session connection Zoom call to discuss our session and energy card messages

Your Custom Sacred Piece of Talisman Jewelry

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~ 1 initial 30-minute talisman design call

~ 3 additional design calls if needed

~ 1 custom talisman infused with your intention through reiki energy

~ 1 crystal care pdf to show you how to cleanse, clear, and charge your talisman anytime

The Ultimate Connection with Tangible Magic


Divine Combination package starting at $660*

*prices vary depending on talisman creation costs

payment plans available

Client Testimonials

angela lapis winged talisman necklace

Sacred Scarab Power Talisman

"When my partner gifted me with a beautiful and very old Egyptian lapis lazuli scarab bead, I knew I needed Maggie to create a talisman from it. I have been doing energy work with Maggie for years, letting go of traumas and learning to respect and love myself for the person I am. While the scarab symbolizes protection, the Lapis Lazuli helps find inner peace, intuition, wisdom and clears the throat chakra. Maggie is extremely gifted on so many levels. Knowing my path and what I would need from a talisman, she created this stunning necklace that I will forever hold dear. I cried and cried. I feel powerful and safe while wearing it. It is my heirloom, my protection, and a reminder of all the work we have done together in my healing journey." ~ Angela 

Topaz Ripple Effect Talisman

Maggie was nothing short of amazing! She listened with her heart and soul, capturing my thoughts and emotions with a perfect phrase or image.
 Over Zoom, literally halfway around the world in China, I could feel her energy and that she was holding my own energy in her hands. 
Maggie is a master at interweaving her energy work with designing a jeweled talisman. We easily collaborated to create two powerful pieces full of meaning, empowerment, and voice, ultimately infused with her loving energy.

Thank you, Maggie, for your connection, intention, and laughter. My talismans ground me every day.  It is apparent that you give your full commitment to each client as if they are your only one! I definitely recommend this experience and your talents to everyone! - Courtney 

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