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Claim Your Talisman

Transform your life with tangible magic




What is the problem?


We live in a world full of disconnection and chaos.


A curated reality where we look outside ourselves for validation and distract ourselves with social media binges in search for sanctuary. We are weary from the pandemic and even wearier realizing that the collective years of fear and separation didn’t create the feelings of discontent inside, but only exacerbated the dysfunction that was already there.


We have forgotten the simple joys of connection. Of digging our fingers into dirt to make a mudpie for our imaginary friends and collecting shells by the shore to take home to an altar of our favorite things.


We long for touch. We need a reminder that we are loved and lovable. We want to reclaim what we feel we have lost in these turbulent times.


What’s my solution?


We need a touchstone. A talisman.


And we are searching not just for physical objects to remind us of who we really are. We want to learn how to infuse it with our innate magic and deepest intentions so that we can start to feel freer, healthier, whole, inspired, joyful, and everything else we desire. 


We long to transform our lives with something tangible.


I can help with that.


I can share what I know about the tangible magic known as the talisman. What they are, what they can be, how to use them, infuse them, wear them and cherish them.


Imagine sitting side by side by the fire sharing stories. Learning through listening. Waking up your inner wisdom craving something real.


I have designed this book in three parts to unfold talisman magic: Remembering, Listening and Claiming.


I will lead you on a scavenger hunt to uncover what is valuable to you, what symbols are sacred, who you wish to honor, what you want to adorn yourself with and how to ground you  in the physicality of your own personal magic.


Each chapter will contain a ritual and opportunity to deepen your relationship with objects that hold meaning. Ultimately creating a sacred altar in your mind and maybe even your home with a personalized talisman collection. Becoming a sacred space for you to go to anytime you are in need.


Why now?


What I know for sure is that we live in a tactile world that has been swallowed up by voyeuristic binges and phone scrolling competitions that leave us feeling empty and without grounding. Instead of stepping out into the backyard to take in the cool grass at our feet and the song of the birds, we are posing for selfies and sharing empty mantras that we don’t even believe unless we get enough likes.


Troubled times my friends!


And people are fickle. They forget their light. They forget how much they have grown. The time is now to remind them of their own unique gifts and powers, but words sometimes are not enough.


You want to rub a lucky stone in your hand to calm yourself down, trace your fingers round and round the gold band from your beloved you wear around your neck. Even a yoga mat could be that touchstone you need to keep you coming back home to your practice, to you. 


Because the concept of the Talisman is endless. It isn’t just about shiny jewels. And we are going to break this concept wide open! I will be sharing incredible Talisman  tales from history and modern day. We will dive into superheroes and redefine tangible magic. 


I will share stories not only of my work with crystals and precious metals, but how they were channeled from spirit. And how you can start to channel too. We will talk about vibration and intention. We will learn how to inspire new stories as we let go of the old. 


Why me?


Empathic channel since childhood, I have been aware of sensitive energies that seem to linger in things. Fascinated by objects that seem to hold memories when I touch them. Mesmerized by the energies you can learn to infuse within them.


Maybe since I was one of those rare kids that could actually see my imaginary friends that I knew magic was real.  And I am not talking about spells and wands magic, I am talking about vibrational magic that is available when we open ourselves up. 


And I have always been a collector of things. Some that may be deemed sacred to many and others only I could understand their true value. I have dedicated my entire career to making objects that carry meaning to someone.


When I was young, I cherished  piles of glass, shells, stones and other random tokens. They would transport me to another place. And through the years when I felt misunderstood and confused, I reached for one of these mystical objects for support. My stuffed animals were my confidants that I squeezed tight when I felt all alone. Even the night sky offered sanctuary as I searched for my favorite constellation Orion, my sacred symbol of strength that I still lean on today.


Educated in the arts, object making is in my blood. Clay, metal, paint and paper, I explored ways to create my own tangible talismans that someone would resonate with and want to call theirs. I even manifested my life as a jeweler years before it became a reality as if the universe was showing me one light post at a time towards this destined path.


For the past 16 years, I have designed custom jewelry as my chosen trade and infused my energy healing and devotion into every piece. Before the pandemic, I was pushed by spirit to shut down the wholesale production of my work to infuse my creativity with my healing work in a divinely unique way. 


I had stopped practicing Reiki healing after the passing of my first husband and I was being called to share my gifts in a much larger way. Sending long distance healing and creating personal jewelry talismans have become a specialized craft that has made me an authority of this special kind of tangible magic.


I left the path I thought I was meant for to something more esoteric and risky. To share all of my gifts, shed all of my shadows and lean into the unknown. I claimed my talisman.


It’s time to claim yours.

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