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Wild Women
Witness Circle

We all have something we need to get off our chest.


We deserve a safe space to do this important task. Healing is powerful when we expose our pain, speak our true feelings, let our emotions run through us, and allow others to validate us. 

Another reality is the loneliness that so many of us face in times of trouble. We might lean on dear friends and lovers, but many relationships can be complicated, and we might not feel completely safe sharing all of what needs to be shared.


Speaking truth is a cornerstone of my work. I want to expand my vision to create a community of strong, brave, wild women willing to release themselves from their tangled-up truths to find the courage hiding behind the upset, fear, disappointment, and pain.

Something magical happens when we witness the strife of another. You find your own story and no longer feel alone. You recognize how much grace and love you deserve when seeing someone else hurt. It is cathartic and honestly deeply effective in healing.

It also teaches us the value of being good listeners. Without counsel or solutions, you have to put your people-pleaser aside, recognize the mastery that comes from within, and watch with amazement as others find their inner strength in the space you have held for them. If you are ready to be witnessed so you can release the old stories and allow others to hear your potent words, this is the place for you.

Wild Witnessing Women Unite!


Once a week for 6 weeks, we will meet via Zoom so you can be anywhere around the world. Imagining ourselves in a sacred circle around a fire, I will begin our time together with guided breath and grounding movement. (At our first meeting, I will be sharing my favorite ho'oponopono practice; I will give you a little history of this magical Hawaiian practice.)


Then, one of our fearless women will choose to speak. Six weeks for six Brave Women.


If it is not you, your only job that week will be actively listening. For the one who chooses to speak, I will call in their guides and give messages from the spirit that need to be shared to help us open up to the truth that is ready to be released.  I will guide you in a sharing ritual so the brave woman can take in all the love. We will end with a gentle closing meditation until we meet again.

We want to be able to hold space in equal measure,

so please make sure you will be able to make all six dates:

May 15, May 22, May 29th, June 5th, June 12th and June 19th

What to bring to make the most of it

  • Bring yourself and an open heart

  • Journal

  • Lots of water

  • Maybe a box of tissue

  • And it is absolutely FREE!

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