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Upcoming Healing Workshops

Cold Winter Warm Heart Workshop


February 11th


Merry Barn Writer's Retreat

Edgecomb, ME

$40/$55 with heart stone gift

Valentine’s Day can be romantic or down right triggering. Many consider this Hallmark holiday a trigger that exposes cracks in their love lives.

Let’s focus on SELF LOVE!

Last Fall at the Merry Barn, visionary energy healer and Chakra Shaking creator, Maggie Moore, helped participants expose the false beliefs and stories holding us back. We “pink slipped” these voices, danced through our emotions, and burned our old stories in a bonfire celebration.


Maggie is back to warm our hearts this Valentine’s Day weekend. We will continue to heal together by focusing on the wounded parts of ourselves. We will learn to soften and lean into loving the sweetest part of ourselves.

What the workshop looks like:

In this Cold Winter, Warm Heart Workshop, we will ground ourselves with breath and gentle movement. In a sharing circle, we will discuss the idea of the “wounded self”. 


We will take time to journal and get curious about our “wounded self”, inviting a conversation to see what it needs. Then we will move gently again through some emotions in both sound and silence. 


Maggie will introduce Selenite Heart Crystals and teach us how to cleanse our auras using this powerful healing method. Once our energy is cleared, we will take time to write a LOVE LETTER to our “wounded self”, which we can take home and read anytime we feel called. 

Our last step is an indoor “bonfire”. We will return to our sacred circle. You will have an opportunity to share your love letters with the group, although there is no requirement to share. You can soak in the love from other’s words and fill yourself up.


We will have tea and treats to celebrate our time together. While we nibble on our sweets, Maggie will talk a little more about the healing powers of crystals. For those who would like to bring home the Selenite heart stone used to clear their aura, there is an option to purchase for an extra $15.

a journal, yoga mat, blanket,

bottle of water, something cozy,

and an open HEART and MIND

What you will need

Click on the link below to Sign up

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Until you find our workshop

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