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Reiki Infused Talisman Jewelry

The Tangible Magic of Talisman Creation


tal·is·manan object, typically an inscribed ring or stone,

that is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck.

You deserve to be reminded of how potent and magical you are.  Before words, we had symbols and art. Talisman creation is a potent ancient tradition that needs to be acknowledged and reintroduced to the world. The time is right to awaken your inner spark and claim your talisman—magic you can hold onto. 


The talismans I make are created with the desire to realign you with your incredible whole self and make you feel like you are truly loved. These touchstones infuse your intention with our co-created artistry with healing energy in the most beautiful way.

A Touchstone of Your Very Own

Working as a fine jeweler for over 18 years, I have been honored to make talismans of all kinds, from healing gemstone necklaces, empowering cuff bracelets, potent crystal earrings, enduring engagement rings, bonding wedding bands, and personalized memorial jewelry.

Invite me to create a one-of-a-kind Talisman just for you! Guided by spirit, I work with you one-on-one to design your very own sacred piece of jewelry.​ When the piece is completed, it will be infused with your intention and love. And I will even teach you how to clear, charge, and intend anytime you need a recharge.

Visit my website, Maggie Moore Jewelry, dedicated solely to my jewelry creations, to view designs I have created over the years and shop! 

Reiki Infused Talisman Jewelry Explained


We will meet to discuss your project once you sign up for a connection Zoom call or studio visit. You don't need knowledge of stones, their meanings, or an exact picture of what you want. You know the connection is real if you were drawn to my work. We will figure out your design together.


After our initial meeting, I will work on sketches, research the right stones and materials, and send you an estimate for your approval. You will be sent an invoice for a 50% deposit at this time. I work with spirit when designing my work, and sometimes the original design is altered based on how the talisman comes together. My organic nature as a fine artist and desire to infuse the right energy into the piece will only enhance our original plan.


Once your design is finalized, I will make your sacred talisman and infuse it with Reiki by placing my hands on your jewelry and setting the intention for its purpose. I will enclose a Crystal Care card for you to cleanse, clear, charge, and intend your talisman whenever you feel fit. Once payment is final, you will receive your piece, and your life's magic will begin!


What you will receive

~ Initial 30-minute talisman design call

~ Three potential design calls if needed

~ Gift-wrapped custom talisman infused with your intention through reiki energy 

~ Crystal care card to show you how to cleanse, clear, and charge your talisman anytime

Are you ready to receive your Reiki Infused Talisman?


Talisman Creation starting at $350*

*prices vary depending on talisman creation

payment plans are available

090523 maggie kettle cove hr-1022.jpg

Client Testimonial

deb talisman flintstone wings

Courage and Confidence Flintstone Talisman

Maggie and I created a personal talisman that captures my simplistic style yet portrays a powerful statement that embraces the courage and confidence of my inner and playful self. Working with Maggie on this level has brought delight to my life and helped me continue to evolve and grow in my life work.  What a joy to design alongside such talent and create a custom and personalized piece that truly reflects the parts within me that others might recognize when I forget. 


My gorgeous necklace is a treasured piece I admire every time my eyes fall upon it, reminding me of the treasure I am by the one who created me. ~ Deborah 

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