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Meet Maggie

My name is Maggie Moore

I am deeply grateful that you have found me here. Living in midcoast Maine with my loving husband, two beautiful bonus daughters, and our sweet kitties, I feel blessed to spend my days dancing through life as a creative force and visionary healer.

With a fine arts degree from RISD, I spent my formative years honing my artistic skills, working for artists and makers. Twenty years ago, I expanded my vision to become a Usui Reiki and healing movement arts practitioner, simultaneously pursuing all of my dreams. I launched a successful custom jewelry company in 2007, Maggie Moore (Bokor) Jewelry, which I am proud to say has been showcased in over 100 galleries across the country and brought me much joy over the years.


However, my healing work took a backseat for years to allow this creative growth. After an undeniable tug from spirit, I left the wholesale world in 2019 to fuse my healing and creative endeavors into one meaningful practice with clients worldwide. This shift has opened me up to working with clients as far away as China and the Netherlands, good thing I named it Maggie Moore World!

I connect to source energy and talk to angels, guides, and loved ones on the other side. I craft sacred talismans, teach healing movements, guide workshops, and educate on Crystals, Chakras, and all things mystical to help you reawaken your intuitive and creative powers. 

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My Empowered Path

I believe that some of the most powerful people I know have faced extreme hardships and traumas. Adversity can open our eyes up to opportunities for learning or defeat. I tend to lean towards learning.


My life has included heartache and missteps like so many, but my desire to blossom and conquer whatever beast stands in my way only burns brighter with each failed turn.


Widowed at forty, I sat broke and broken in a foreclosed home and wept for the loss of so many dreams. I even had to bury my two dogs at that time, along with my vision of becoming a mother. It was bleak, I know. 

However, the support I received during my darkest days filled me with the courage to find the pathway through. What felt like heartache turned into newfound freedom. What looked like desperation was a thousand blessings in disguise. And now, I hold space for others in a way I would have never been able to if I hadn't faced tragedy. 

Tangible Magic of Maggie Moore's World

The support I spoke of was not only from friends and family but spirit. I began to speak to spirit in a new way. Receiving messages from the other side in heart stones and feathers. As physical reminders that I was not only loved by many here on earth, it was clear that there was a spirit team just waiting to be acknowledged on the other side. I call it all Tangible Magic; it is real and ready for you to explore.

Spirit speaks to us in many ways with many faces. Some might speak of God or Mother Nature as their guide. Others might look to mystical creatures to put their faith in. What I love is that there are no limits to the kind of support we can find, and I offer an open mind and open heart to all who choose to work with me.

And if you remember how I introduced myself, you will see that my life has expanded in ways I never imagined since those dark days. Seven years ago, I met the love of my life and was gifted with two bonus daughters at the tender ages of one and three. Now, nine and eleven, our family of four is thriving in our community. They share my passion for Crystals and healing. What more could a girl ask for. Enough about me, I want to hear about you!

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