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Shake Your Chakras

Movement is Medicine.

Our bodies hold on to memories, our life's trials and tribulations. Trauma can be stored in our minds, muscles, and flesh. When we dance, we free ourselves from these burdens and create new stories to renew and strengthen us from the inside out.

Everything is Energy.

Energy needs to move to be released and healed.​

I have had the pleasure of teaching movement practices for twenty years. I began with the Nia Technique in 2004, which has blossomed into my own healing movement called:


Chakra Shaking

I know people can struggle with getting out of their way, releasing patterns, and dancing with abandon. Some fear persecution from others judging how they move, and others don't have to look outside to face their inner critic. 

Yet the freedom that is felt once you release these burdens and own every inch of your being is when the medicine begins to work. This is the first layer in releasing the old stories and embracing all of you.

Chakra Shaking

Chakra Shaking is a moving meditation.

Chakra Shaking comes in multiple forms. In-person workshops and retreats create deep and meaningful change in an action-packed event. You will be the first to know as the next event becomes available.


I am currently teaching weekly Chakra Shaking Dance Breaks every weekday for 20 minutes on Zoom to allow you to join in your jammies wherever you are in the world. 8 am EST is our dance time.

You can kick, shimmy, flutter, and meringue your way to healing.

When we shimmy and shake our bodies, we literally shake off our shadow, allow ourselves to return to the present moment, and find peace. What if you could have a daily practice that would help you shift your energy while effortlessly aligning your chakras and preparing you to face your day with vitality and joy?


Oh, and when we sing together and giggle through our tears? Your throat chakra can free itself and help you claim your voice, mind, body, and spirit.

Come Chakra Shake
with Me

Live Chakra Shaking 20 min DanceBreaks 

woman dancing in the sun

Music for

Chakra Shaking
Dance Breaks

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