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Music for

Chakra Shaking
Dance Breaks

Monthly 20-minute dance break music playlists

Available to you for free through Spotify


I have toyed around with creating a video version for clients to dance with on their own time. The biggest issue I am running into is music rights. It's a big deal and means that the music styles I love to bring to my classes would be replaced with tunes that would get the job done without the joy. I love bringing in familiar dance hits from all decades to not only get your body moving but also get you to sing loud and proud. So, for now, please follow my Spotify profile HERE and make sure to download every month's playlist filled with our daily 20-minute dance breaks that you can shimmy and shake to on your own time. Click on the images below to be connected to the first three months of 2024!

chakra shaking january music
chakra shaking march music
chakra shaking february music
chakra shaking april 24.jpg
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