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One on One

Spirit Guided

Energy Coaching

Are you ready to connect to your guides


We are not meant to heal alone. Everyone has a team of guides, ancestors, angels, healers, and helpers waiting to be called into service. Most likely, the kid part of you is jumping up and down, saying "yes," while your adult version may hesitate to own this knowingLet's break free of these burdens and explore this beautiful truth.

When we do energy healing and coaching, we will tap into your tribe to support your journey while we reawaken and celebrate your natural intuitive abilities. Maybe your idea of spirit is the big man on a cloud, a beam of light, earth elements, Guardian Angels, or even garden gnomes! It's time to discover who and what is rooting for you in the universe.

How it works

I have found that a huge part of my healing work is done when we connect face to face. Sometimes, the most profound healing happens when you allow yourself to speak your truth in a safe space, receive the validation you have longed for, and find a new way of being just by listening to your own heart's desires.


Whether we meet via Zoom, phone, or in person, we will ground with breathwork to begin and call in your spirit guides, helpers, and healers on the other side to assist in our session. Some clients ask to record the sessions as I have a tendency to talk very fast when receiving a message from spirit and want to make sure you can stay relaxed and receive. We will pull an Oracle card to assist us in our work, and all messages and homework will be sent home or emailed to you so that you can continue the work on your own. 


What you will receive

~ One-hour Spirit-Guided Energy Coaching session calling in your guides 

~ Oracle, Angel, and energy card reading during the energy session 

~ All messages and homework sent after the session for your continued progress

Are you ready to take this healer out for a test drive?

Single Session $135

Three + Session Commitment $120 each

Client Testimonial

Maggie not only allows you to flow into the space to grow, achieve, and transform, but she actually expands and sometimes contracts the space to continue to hold the right amount for you. I needed a HUGE amount of space held, and Maggie would do that for me and then some.

I am a very challenging, somewhat aggressive, yet very sentimental and empathetic individual, and Maggie, quite honestly, is one of the only people that I have ever met who can harness my energy to rein it towards my highest self. She showed me my path, illuminated the way, and walked and guided me until  I was ready to travel some on my own. ~ S. G

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