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Solo Journeys

It is time to invest in yourself.


You are ready to make yourself the top priority, and I am here to help. Let me guide you in a safe and playful setting so you can explore who you came here to be and start to live life on your terms, with your voice and badass desires. When you explore my solo offerings:


One on One Energy Coaching

Channeled Reiki Energy Healing

Oracle Message Crystal Guided Healing

Personal Talisman Jewelry Creation

you will find an option for a one-time healing or coaching session created for those who would like to take this healer out for a test drive before committing. You will also see a shift in pricing when committing to multiple sessions. Every one of my offerings begins with a 30-plus-minute free connection Zoom call to see if we are a good fit.


Want to invest in a bigger, bolder way? Consider exploring my Deep Dive Journeys, two longer-term experiences focused on creating the life you have been waiting for.

I like getting gifts, don't you?


I love giving my clients gifts. It's an obsession, really, and a defining factor in my offerings. I believe in energy exchange and make sure my clients receive physical reminders of the work we have done together so that they can incorporate them into their daily lives to stay inspired and engaged.  So much of our work involves the unseen world, so creating a tangible connection to their messages and guidance is my secret sauce!


My life as an artist and jeweler has shown me how beautiful adornments can impact a person, especially when infused with the wearer's intentions and love. Talismans are one of my favorite ways to celebrate my clients, but they are not the only gifts I give. From heart-shaped crystals to journey journals and customized meditations to fuzzy Reiki-infused bunnies, it thrills me to shower my clients with tangible magic.

There is a spirit team waiting to work with you.

When we do energy healing and coaching, we will tap into your tribe to support your journey while we reawaken and celebrate your natural intuitive abilities. Maybe your idea of spirit is the big man on a cloud, a beam of light, earth elements, Guardian Angels, or even garden gnomes! It's time to discover who and what is rooting for you in the universe. I would love to share more about my abilities, visit my channeling page and make sure to read through testimonials at the bottom of each treatment page.

Image by Jordan Madrid

Choose Your Journey

Life is about trusting in your choices. 

I believe that our steps (even those that feel like missteps) are divinely guided. All of my healing work can be done virtually around the globe, so there is no limitation to how far we may be physically. All Healing Journeys begin with a free 30-minute(to 60-minute) consultation, so book a call when you have found your match or if you like us to decide on the journey together. 

One on One

Spirit Guided

Energy Coaching

red lantern held in a field

 Oracle Message

Crystal Guided

Energy Healing 

healing crystal grid for sacral chakra

Self Care 

Crystal Guided 
Reiki Energy Healing 

maggie moore holding lemurian seed crystal

Reiki Energy Infused

Healing Talisman


maggie moore holding custom talisman rings
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