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Discover Channeling

What is an intuitive channel?

What do you think of when you hear the words Psychic or Medium? These gifted individuals act as a bridge between the living and the deceased. Messages might come from a loved one in the beyond who is waiting to make the connection.

Although I have had psychic experiences since childhood, I consider myself an intuitive channel to all guides on the other side. I choose when I want to let the spirit in and let go of the burden of worrying about who or what might show up in support of my client.


My visions and messages are an awesome bonus when you work with me. We go in with zero expectations and allow ourselves to be surrounded by the unexpected!

You will find that I tend not to look at you when I receive messages from your guides. Sometimes, I talk really fast to get the words out in time, but I find Spirit does a good job helping me out with images and words to support their message. The magic lies in the validation my clients feel in those moments. (Recording sessions are always a good idea).

What I have witnessed


I have helped clients release toxic relationships by cutting energetic cords, seen a client's future spouse before my eyes, and connected clients with their deceased relatives who had

something to share.


I have been assisted by a shaman ancestor who came to help with treatment, met a baby before she was born with a message to her two moms, and reconnected clients to their long-lost pets and spirit guides from the other side.


I have received messages from spirit through images, words, and songs. I have also healed families by connecting clients with their deceased parents. Connecting people to the crystals, calling to them, and giving my clients permission to embrace their intuitive messages is an absolute joyful aspect of this powerful work we will do together.

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Channeling Experiences 

One on One

Spirit Guided

Energy Coaching

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 Oracle Message

Crystal Guided

Energy Healing 

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Claim Your Talisman


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Self Care 

Crystal Guided 
Reiki Energy Healing 

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Reiki Energy Infused

Healing Talisman


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Wonder Twin Powers Active!

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