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Self Care 

Crystal Guided 
Reiki Energy Healing 

You are in safe hands.

Trained as a Usui Reiki Practitioner, my 20+ years of experience have enhanced the channeling abilities I have been gifted with since childhood. I have only started sharing the extent of my gifts for a few years for fear of persecution, but I can tell you now that I am standing proud in my beliefs, and I have created a safe place for you. 

I have encountered every kind of guide, from loving family members with messages from the beyond to mystical creatures that have been a client's secret companion for ages. Beloved pets, Archangels, and ancient masters have all made their presence known. I believe that when you leave the desire to control who and what is waiting for you, the magic of spirit can share its divine guidance effortlessly. 

How it works

Self Care Crystal-guided Reiki Energy Healing Sessions are an incredible way to move through stuck energy and reawaken your magic. This delicious three-hour experience is a half-day of self-care for you to dive deep into connecting to your spirit team, reawakening your light, and opening yourself to a brighter you.


As you know, lasting healing takes time, so I offer both long-distance and in-person single sessions and packages. Each package includes three sessions to be used over three months to allow shifts to take hold and let your light shine. 

Long Distance

With long distance, we will connect on the phone for our pre-session connection call. Beginning with breathwork, I will call in your guides and work together to address the issue for one hour. I will instruct you on music, visualizations, and meditation ideas, and we will end our call.


The Reiki energy healing is sent remotely, so you receive it while I focus on your energy.  I will create a Crystal Grid and pull oracle cards to further connect to any message from spirit. I will email you an image of the crystal grid and your Oracle card images and messages before our follow-up meeting.


We will then reconnect via Zoom to complete our work together. We will review our experiences during the energy healing session and the Crystal Grid and Oracle card messages. I love giving homework between sessions to keep your healing at the forefront of your mind.


In-Person Sessions

My healing space is located in Topsham, Maine. In-house sessions flow from pre-session consultations to healing and closing connections. Crystals will be placed on you instead of in a grid to give you immediate contact with their medicine. You will leave with a handwritten takeaway with cards and channeled messages from your session.


What you will receive

~ One-hour pre-session talks to connect with your guides in preparation for healing

~ One-hour Spirit-Guided Reiki Energy Session 

~ Oracle, Angel, and energy card readings during the energy session 

~ Custom healing Crystal grids for long-distance sessions

~ Crystal Therapy Sessions for in-person sessions

~ One-hour post-session talks to discuss our sessions and messages from guides and cards

Are you ready for your spirit-driven self-care?

Single Session $330

Three + Session Commitment $295 each

Image by Meritt Thomas

Client Testimonials

“Reiki on-site treatment is a very eye-opening experience. Maggie has a welcoming combination of her creative and relaxing space to converse before the session. The energy shifting and clearing part of the treatment is in another comfortable space that is in tune with her reiki process. 

I was able to allow myself to release the negativity I held. Maggie’s sensitivity to my personal needs was beyond my expectations. I highly recommend crossing her threshold, as her intuitive skills are outstanding." ~ D

My experience of Maggie when she is doing Reiki with me is that she is single-minded, focused, and holds space. Her presence and skill make Reiki a truly healing art in her hands. 


After Maggie’s treatments, I feel deeply quiet and open, and I learn things. Our before-and-after conversations are enlightening and affirming.​ I trust her intelligence and insight and her to regard my life’s journey with reverence and care. Maggie's enthusiasm for connecting energetically is palpable. I find it remarkable every time she can practice this art long-distance (I am in Maryland, and she is in Maine).


Maggie clearly wants to make a difference in

the lives she touches, and I can say unequivocally that this has been true for me. ~ C. P.

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