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Tarot Cards

Angel, Animal and Spirit Oracle Card Decks

Oracle Card decks have been around for years.


Oracle cards are used as a tool for self-reflection & personal insight to explore one's thoughts and feelings on a deeper level, helping you find the best version of yourself and keep you focused on your goals. Nowadays, you can find a card deck to fit your every desire. I have been collecting them since my twenties. I loved the idea of connecting to your higher self to receive messages from spirit as a source of strength in times of weakness and belonging in times of sadness.

In all of my energy work, I incorporate spirit card decks as a way to affirm the work I am doing and validate the messages that are channeled through me.

A pendulum is a tool of divination used for spiritual guidance.


I have sacred animals, archangels, goddesses, affirmations, ascended masters, and nature decks. My favorite way to work with them is to use a pendulum to find out which decks have messages for my client.

I definitely have my favorites. Incorporated into a Crystal Grid, used in combination with energy work and coaching, these messages can become an incredible tool to add to your treasure chest of self care rituals. 

Image by Zena Rice-Sarantis

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