Client Testimonials

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After discovering she was doing healing work and jewelry making, I decided to reach out and take a chance.  I've lived with my family overseas for the past 10 years and Covid unearthed stress, anxiety and emotions that were easily pushed aside before - it was time to do some wellbeing work.  I chose Maggie's Divine Combination - healing energy work and designing a sacred talisman. 


She was nothing short of amazing! She listened with her heart and soul, capturing my thoughts and emotions with a perfect phrase or image.


Over Zoom, literally halfway around the world, I could feel her energy and that she was holding my own energy in her hands.  Maggie is a master at interweaving her energy work with designing a jeweled talisman that is full of meaning.  We easily collaborated back and forth over a few weeks to create a beautiful rippled necklace that is full of meaning, empowerment, voice and love, ultimately infused with our energy. 


Thank you, Maggie, for your time, intention, laughter, and reconnection.  My talisman and rings ground me every day that I wear them.  It is apparent that you give your full commitment to each client as if they are your only one!  Keep creating!  I definitely recommend this experience and your talents to everyone! - Courtney P.

Maggie is a gift. She is playful, honest, filled with intuition, empathy, and old-soul knowledge. I have seen true changes in my life with Maggie's guidance, especially with letting go of many traumas from my past in which had me feeling hopelessly stuck, unable to know which direction, if any, to move. She not only holds space and steers me on my own path - but is a confidant, a best friend, and a true healer. She even crafted a beautiful one-of-a-kind talisman necklace intended just for me. I feel protected and empowered when I wear it. In my work with Maggie, I've gained so much confidence. To say I am grateful for her is an understatement. - Angela W.

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I’ve had many reiki treatments over the years, but Maggie’s distance reiki with me was the most enlightening and healing ones yet. Within a few seconds of settling into a comfortable seat at home, I felt her gentle, powerful presence. I could literally feel the heat of her connection in my hands, feet and belly, helping me channel and work with a focused, light steadiness. Afterward, I felt refreshed and clear. Her energy was direct, powerful, loving, and effective, enabling me to heal and observe what I needed to do to maintain my spiritual and physical grounding. I can’t wait to do reiki with Maggie again! ~ MJ B.

I have been blessed to experience wonderful healing sessions with Maggie Moore while going through breast cancer treatment. Maggie is a skilled, intuitive lightworker. During our distance healing sessions, I felt energy swirling through me as waves of love and peace settled into my heart. After our sessions, Maggie called with feedback about what she had experienced and channeled during our healing time. Then, rather like magic, synchronicities began to occur in my life—things she suggested I do or take part in began to open up. Not only is Maggie a powerful Reiki practitioner, she is also a loving, passionate woman who will work her hardest to help her clients in their healing journey. I can’t recommend Maggie enough. I hope everyone has the chance to open their hearts to this profound healing art! ~ Tess W.

My experience of Maggie when she is doing Reiki with me? – that she is single-minded, focused, holding space. Her presence and skill make Reiki a truly healing art in her hands. After Maggie’s treatments I feel deeply quiet and open. And I learn things. Our before and day-after conversations are enlightening and affirming. I trust her intelligence and insight, and I trust her to regard my life’s journey with reverence and care.

Maggie’s enthusiasm for connecting energetically is palpable. I find it remarkable every time that she can practice this art long-distance (I am in Maryland, she is in Maine). Maggie clearly wants to make a difference in the lives she touches, and I can say unequivocally that this has been true for me.~ Celia P.

Maggie’s offering in her energy work is deeply grounded in her connection to spirit, her big heart and her true desire to help open areas that are blocking progress to living a full life. I felt Maggie’s passion and commitment through every step of the journey. It was exactly what I needed and I still am reminded everyday to the wisdom she conveyed to me. Her offering is multifaceted and designed to continue guiding you after the session as well. Maggie is a gifted healer who cares deeply, and is in tune with Divine wisdom. ~ Maureen D.

Maggie is incredibly gifted and its an amazing experience working with her! Her intuition is on point… she often said words or phrases that I have thought (and not had the courage to say outloud!). After our energy session, Maggie continued to check in on me and thats a rarity when it comes to the healers that I’ve seen before. I would recommend Maggie 1000% to anyone looking for clarity, guidance and a safe place to explore your desires. ~ Ali R.