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My experience of Maggie when she is doing Reiki with me? – that she is single-minded, focused, holding space. Her presence and skill make Reiki a truly healing art in her hands. After Maggie’s treatments I feel deeply quiet and open. And I learn things. Our before and day-after conversations are enlightening and affirming. I trust her intelligence and insight, and I trust her to regard my life’s journey with reverence and care.

Maggie’s enthusiasm for connecting energetically is palpable. I find it remarkable every time that she can practice this art long-distance (I am in Maryland, she is in Maine). Maggie clearly wants to make a difference in the lives she touches, and I can say unequivocally that this has been true for me.

Celia P.

I’ve had many reiki treatments over the years, but Maggie’s distance reiki with me was the most enlightening and healing ones yet. Within a few seconds of settling into a comfortable seat at home, I felt her gentle, powerful presence. I could literally feel the heat of her connection in my hands, feet and belly, helping me channel and work with a focused, light steadiness. Afterward, I felt refreshed and clear. Her energy was direct, powerful, loving, and effective, enabling me to heal and observe what I needed to do to maintain my spiritual and physical grounding. I can’t wait to do reiki with Maggie again!


“ Dear Maggie. After experiencing your energy treatment first hand, I wanted to reach out and say you are incredibly gifted and you must keep moving in this direction. I slept very deeply. Plus, I have been so busy these past years trying to heal my body, that I have not paid enough attention to my spirit. So onward I go! Thank you for being part of my team." 

Pamela C.

“ Maggie was incredibly comprehensive and genuine. We had a thorough phone conversation the day before my treatment that covered many bases, and her warmth and empathy was pure. The next day she performed her reiki on me from afar, and I was amazed with the response my body had during our session. About 2/3 of the way into our session I had a noticeable opening in my chest, including the cracking and popping one gets in a chiropractic session. My lungs filled instantly with air and a flood of emotions swept over me. It was a release like no other...completely enamoring. I felt clearer and more fluid after our session, and we even had a phone conversation the day after treatment that only confirmed my positive impression of this experience even further. With deepest gratitude..." 

Cheryl B.

"I just had my first "virtual" Reiki session with Maggie and I can't wait for my next one! Having never done Reiki, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. And because we live in different states, we would be doing a long-distance session. Admittedly, I was just a tiny bit can you do energy healing without physical touch? The entire process was relaxing, calming and I felt very peaceful and reassured throughout our session. We talked afterward about the experience and Maggie spent considerable time explaining what she discovered during our session, as well what to expect in future sessions. The entire experience was absolutely wonderful. Right now, with our world turned upside down with Coronavirus fears, we all need this amazing type of energy work more than ever."

Holly K.

“ As I lay on the table, Maggie's grounding energy deepened and the work began. The session was glorious and I felt a major shift in my mind, body, and emotions.  Her heaing treatment introduced my doubting scientific mind to the world of intuitive healing. Maggie changed my life!” 

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