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Discover Crystals

To say I have an obsession with Crystals

might be an understatement.


You might have noticed that Crystals come up quite a bit with all of my work. They play a significant role in all of my work and my life. The draw is primal, real, and altogether magical.


I can sum up my connection with my favorite fact: Crystals are the physical manifestation of transformation. Once liquid and gas, they are now solid. Their journey to becoming these ancient, glimmering gems was not easy. Endless combinations of intense heat and pressure forced these mystical elements through a profound metamorphosis, making Crystals the natural examples of what can be accomplished if we are ready for real change.

As a Certified Crystal Energy Guide, I have always been fascinated by crystals but never truly understood their magic or medicine until my course with Kyle Gray. Kyle is one of my favorite teachers on Crystals and Angels. He is also my favorite Oracle Card creator! (I got to meet him in person last year, so cool.)

Learning about crystals has become the glue for my life's work. For the past two decades, I have been working with precious stones in my jewelry making, playing around with specific stones to assist in my personal healing, and collecting large crystal formations to protect and decorate my life with their beauty. Ultimately, my goal is to make you feel comfortable working with these wise masters. 

Are you curious about how to use Crystals to amplify your healing?


The relationship between crystals and humans is ancient. When we unearth the mystery of the ancient mineral kingdom and remember its healing powers, we empower the revival of one of humanity's greatest allies. Crystals are here to serve as amplifying and manifesting partners in our quest to heal and remember our intuitive gifts. As a certified Crystal guide, I work with crystals and healing sessions to enhance your experience and allow you to find solace in these sacred spirit friends. 

Work with Crystals

Self Care 

Crystal Guided 
Reiki Energy Healing 

maggie holding crystal

Reiki Energy Infused

Healing Talisman


maggie moore holding custom talisman rings

 Oracle Message

Crystal Guided

Energy Healing 

healing crystal grid for sacral chakra

Claim Your Talisman


maggie holding jewelry

Wonder Twin Powers Active!

fist bump

Essential Crystal Care

Lemurian Quartz Crysta in hand

Crystals and the Color Wheel

crystals divided by color

Crystals and

the Chakras

Part 1

crystal grid on wood

Crystals for


crystals on a mirror shaped like an eye

Crystal Chakra Balancing Meditation Part 2

woman holding crystals
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