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Tangible Magic

Discover Tangible Magic

Tangible: a thing that is perceptible through touch.

Magic: an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source.

Tangible Magic:

a physical object that holds influential power infused by the owner, meaning you.

The concept of Tangible Magic came to me in a dream. I was longing for a way to describe the meaning behind my work, not just as a jeweler but in every aspect of my healing modalities. 

Since childhood, I have been an empathic channel aware of sensitive energies that linger in material objects. I am fascinated by things that hold memories when I touch them. I have always been a collector. I create altars throughout my home, and each object holds meaning, and usually only I can understand its value. I have dedicated my entire career to making objects and offering services that carry meaning to someone in this same way and desire to use Tangible Magic as a way for people to connect to what they call sacred.

Search for heart rocks on the beach?

Carry a lucky penny in your pocket?


You aren’t searching for random connections. You want to bond with an object with personal meaning, your unique signature. I am talking about vibrational magic. You inherently carry this magic inside and must be reminded of your sacred spark. When you connect to things you hold dear and trust in the physical objects that help you connect to the larger universe and all you love, you know that Tangible magic is ready to remind you of who you are. It's magic you can hold onto.

Every single one of my offerings I would consider containing Tangible Magic, so go explore.

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