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Talisman Tales

Stories of the Stones and their People

Did you know I am working on a new kind of picture book? It is for anyone wanting to learn more about the magical world of Crystals and the Talisman journey to the people they are destined for. This page is dedicated to share some of the stories of my beautiful clients and our finished Tangible Magic for you to read at your leisure.

Garnet Sunset Molten Beauty Talisman ring

I adore the opportunities to work together through healing Reiki energy, channeling my client’s sacred team, and then creating a talisman. The Divine Combination, I call it.

What made this experience so unique was that my client Sharon left after her session without the intention of creating a talisman, but what I designed that day after our session would end up calling to her.

The Healing Crystal Reiki Energy session with Sharon was powerful. As you know, it is not my place to share my client’s journey, but I can tell you that we connected to her forgotten parts, and she left feeling more aligned and freer than she had felt in a long time.

I felt inspired to use my hands, so I headed to the bench and cut up little pieces of silver, melting them into rough balls and hammering them into molten forms. Then I searched through my stones, and a Rhodolite Garnet just happened to mimic the shape of the hammered piece I had created.

I  designed this ring and felt satisfied to express my joy after working with Sharon. Later that day, I was gifted with a lovely text message from her. It’s rare to get a note as quickly, but she wanted to share the kismet experiences she had already had since our time together. I sent her an image of the ring. To my surprise, she felt so drawn to its color and design that it was on her hand a few days later.


When we researched Rhodalite Garnet's healing power, there was a distinct alignment with the support she was seeking. Even the little accent on the edge carried multiple meanings for her that ran deep. She even named it Indian Sunset. 

Blessing for Mom and Baby Bonding Earrings

sapphire peridot mother daughter love talisman earrings

Sometimes, becoming a mother happens in the most unexpected and miraculous ways.

A childhood friend of mine, Dan, called me to see if I would make a pair of earrings for his partner. He excitedly explained that she had just given birth to a little girl. He really wanted to honor their bond.

We carefully considered what she would like and chose to use gemstones to represent their birthstones—Sapphire for mom and Peridot for baby. 

I was a little confused as he didn't say it was his daughter. I didn't want to pry, but Dan shared their incredible story and gave me permission to share. 

When Dan met his lady love, she was already on the journey of becoming a mom. After facing some issues with getting pregnant, she reached out to her best friend for help. Without hesitation, her best friend was on board with giving her the most beautiful gift a woman could give. Her friend had donated one of her eggs to be fertilized with their preferred sperm donor, and it worked!


For nine months, Dan's girlfriend successfully carried her miracle baby. This gorgeous little girl is now out in the world, celebrating her life. And Dan has two loves to share his life with. Of all the jewelry I’ve ever made, this has the most beautiful spark of celebration, friendship, undying love, and true joy.

Orion Constellation Calling You Home

blue topaz orion constellation talisman necklace

Do You Follow the Stars?

I met Emily in 7th grade. I was named her "big sister" at our private girl school as she was starting that year and needed a friend to show her the ropes. We were fast friends passing little cartoons to each other with made-up comics about Star Wars and the Scarecrow and Mrs. King. So we go waaaay back. 

Three years ago, we began some healing work together. We had reconnected through social media years before but didn't start our conversations until it became clear that Emily could use a big sister once again. 

Would you believe that she still had the postcard I had sent her from Cape Cod the year before our 7th grade, letting her know I was on her side? Clearly, we were kindred spirits! 


We shared another divine connection through the stars. Through working with Emily, I discovered that we had both held on to the Orion Constellation in our own lives as a beacon of hope and strength.


So when it came time to create a sacred Talisman for her, there was no question he would make an appearance. The front of this tangible magic pendant is really a secret code, and that meaning will stay tucked away for only Emily, myself, and the universe to know. 

You see, there is no one way to connect to your intuitive center or your connection to spirit. And when you are brave enough to share the key to unlocking your superpowers, well, the world will open up in your hands.

orion constellation talisman necklace

Infinite Possibilities Mobius Strip Brooch

infinity symbol mobius strip silver gold talisman brooch

This magical brooch was the last piece I created in  2023, and it seemed like a fitting piece for an extraordinary year. Bill asked me to create a unique brooch based on the Mobius strip for his wife. His words of inspiration: elegant and demure. We worked on a design together, and I created a few mock-up models. We had a blast manipulating the metal together until we found the shape most desirable. I got to work right away. Then disaster struck.

The 14k gold I had carefully soldered along one side of the silver strip came loose in one spot. With the shape already taking place, it was almost impossible to resolder it without melting a vital section and destroying the entire design.

I attempted to reconnect for two hours and only gave up when the tears started rolling down my face. I felt as if I had failed Bill. But I never gave up. Stepping away from the bench, I breathed, had a heartfelt conversation with my love, and started fresh the next day.

I found a way to incorporate my assumed failure into an inspired and thoughtful design. Like a metaphor for relationships with self and others, we can create a constant, strong foundation like the endless silver band. 

Yet life brings surprises, so the gold strip that waxes and wanes, aligns perfectly, fades, and returns is more accurate to our real-life experiences. 

We are always changing, growing, making mistakes, and learning to love ourselves and our lives more deeply.

When I received a heartfelt thank you on Christmas day from Bill and his beloved about the brooch, tears of joy began to roll.

Sacred Daughter Spirit Labradorite Talisman

Labradorite Mother daughter bond memorial ashes talisman necklace

It’s honestly hard for me to capture the sacred story of this talisman. I have made memorial jewelry before, but spirit has never played such a role in a design like this.

Adding someone’s ashes to a piece of jewelry is sacred. My usual way to incorporate a loved one’s ashes is to blend them into my fine silver metal clay. It changes the texture of the material and what is left is a grittier and more complex surface.


Elizabeth and I decided to design this one a little differently. We laid her daughter’s ashes between the metal and the stone like a catacomb for her to inhabit.

Our original design had radiating lines with her personal symbol on the backside for her to hold close to her heart. As I was getting close to finishing, I felt this desire to incorporate four compass points. After I had sealed the sacred resting spot of Elizabeth’s daughter’s ashes under the stone, the east compass point seemed to disappear.

It was as if her energy had blended with mine, and she was starting to offer her advice on the final design. So, as I looked at it, I first fretting at first that I would have to make the entire thing again. I recognized that if I just leaned into spirit, it would be exactly what it was meant to be.

So, I realized that her plan was to keep just one. The north node. As if reminding her mother of home. And once I adjusted the design to reflect her vision, I knew it was complete. Elizabeth and Beem you are so deeply loved.


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