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Twin Flame Indian Sunset Rhodalite Garnet Talisman Ring

Updated: Mar 23

Twin Flame Indian Sunset Rhodalite Garnet Talisman Ring
Twin Flame Indian Sunset Rhodalite Garnet Talisman Ring

My favorite combination is the opportunity to work together through healing Reiki energy, channeling my client’s sacred team, and creating a talisman.

What made this experience so unique was that my client Sharon left after her session without the intention of finding a talisman, but what I created after our session would end up day would end up calling her back.

The Healing Reiki Energy session with Sharon was powerful. As you know, it is not my place to share my client’s journey, but I can tell you that we connected to her forgotten parts, and she left feeling more aligned and freer than she had felt in a long time.

I felt inspired to use my hands, so I headed to the bench and cut up little pieces of silver, melting them into rough balls and hammering them into molten forms. 

Then I searched through my stones, and a Rhodolite Garnet just happened to mimic the shape of the hammered piece I had created.

I designed this ring and felt satisfied to express my joy after working with Sharon.

Later that day, I was gifted with a lovely text message from her. It’s rare to get a note as quickly, but she wanted to share the kismet experiences she had already had since our time together.

I sent her an image of the ring. To my surprise, she felt so drawn to its color and design that it was on her hand a few days later.

She named it Indian Sunset.

When we researched Rhodalite Garnet's healing power, there was a distinct alignment with the support she was seeking. Even the little accent on the edge carried multiple meanings for her that ran deep.

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