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Chakra Balancing

Are you someone who struggles with meditation

and longs to be able to self-heal?


This gorgeous experience is focused on teaching you my favorite way to balance your chakras and energize your entire energetic body when you need a lift or feel depleted in your life.


Daily meditation can be a hard commitment if you are anything like me. You know the incredible benefits but can't sit still long enough. I have found that using crystals on your body prevents you from moving and, therefore, helps you create a meditation practice that is charged with Crystal energy and can become a staple habit for your body, mind and spirit.

We are going to let the Chakras lead the way.

In this experience, we will focus on the Chakras and gemstones related to their universal colors. If you have studied with me before, you will know that I believe any crystal can be aligned to any Chakra. Yet, I have found the use of the Chakra and their complimentary colors to be an easy way to remember this powerful technique, so I embrace their traditional colors and invite you to play along.

What to bring and what you will experience


  • You will learn the basics of the Chakra System to support our work together.

  • You will learn about the Crystal connection to the Chakras

  • We will perform the cleanse, clear, charge, and intend ritual together

  • We will explore meditations with Crystals to balance, enhance, and heal your energy

  • Receive my PDF to use anytime with any Crystal in your home. 

  • If you have any small tumbled Crystals in the following colors, bring them to class.

    • Red, Orange, Yellow, Green. Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Clear, Black, Pink​

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