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Crystal Care

Caring for our Crystals makes all the difference.


One of the most important aspects of working with Crystals is how you treat them. They will become dull and disconnected if they gather dust on your shelf or get used all the time without clearing their accumulated energy.

These ancient masters are always waiting to be acknowledged and cared for, and in return, they will share all of their medicine. Crystals hold memory and need to be released of their burden so they can work with you upon request.

Gratitude holds the key.

My favorite way to clear, cleanse, charge, and intend has one extra step that makes all the difference: gratitude. These beautiful gemstones have been through quite a journey to get to you, and I have learned that the more you treat them as good friends, the more they will want to talk with you.

And you don't need to wait till the full moon for a ritual. I am going to teach you a special 5-minute meditation that will encompass all of these tasks that you can do anytime. It will help you build your confidence in working with stones and deepen your relationship with them. 

What to bring and what you will experience

  • Bring at least one Crystal you want to cleanse, clear, charge, and indeed with

  • Learn about the healing powers of Crystals

  • Perform the cleanse, clear, charge, and intending ritual live together

  • Receive my PDF to use anytime with any Crystal in your home. 

  • If we have time, we will dive into the specific Crystals that are calling you in the moment

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