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Bring Your Favorite Oracle Deck and Let's Explore.


I have been using Oracle cards for over twenty years. I am not an expert Tarot Card reader, but they are essential to my work. Spirit works through the cards to deliver messages to my clients


In my personal collection, I have decks about Archangels, Ancestors, Ascended Masters, Quantum Physics, Moon Cycles, Animal Guides, Talismans, and Manifestation. And I have only skimmed some of them on purpose. I believe that the less I know about each card and its meaning, the more honest my sessions are because I am allowing spirit to show the path without my influence. Honestly, after all these years, I sometimes discover new cards I have never seen before. 

Working with cards with a beginner's mind, I come with an open heart and zero preconceived notions of what I will find. That, my friend, is where the magic really lies.

Let Spirit take control, sit back and relax.

When you let go of controlling the messages and surrender to Spirit, you will be surprised with your results. Oh, and one more thing: I always use my pendulum. Lots of people cut and shuffle decks. I clear my decks with sacred smoke or energy healing and then let my pendulum do the talking.

Piqued your interest? Want to start diving into this incredible spiritual tool for your own benefit and feel supported by the other side? Let's do this!

What to bring and what you will experience

  • Bring an Oracle deck and  pendulum if you have them (a pendant necklace on a chain works, too)

  • Learn about the world of Oracle Decks and how to use them as guides in your daily life

  • Learn how to use a pendulum with Oracle Decks

  • Get an opportunity to share with the group your favorite Oracle Deck if you like

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