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Power Partners


The Tangible Magic Six-Month Expedition of Self-Discovery

Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime, my friend! If you have landed here, most likely we have worked together before and know a little about how I work. You are ready to dive into an incredible six months of personal growth with a focus on pleasure and playfulness while you spend a little time in your "butterfly goo". (That's my phrase describing your time in your cocoon before you find your wings and fly.)

Explore this delicious, life-altering offering.


For six months, you will receive my full attention as we work through all of your energy blocks, realigning you with your most fabulous self and empowering you to make your dreams come true. You will receive bi-monthly energy coaching, Reiki energy healing, intuitive channeled coaching, a private class on Crystal Meditations and Care, and a free six-month membership for Chakra Shaking. We will complete our time together with the creation of your own talisman, the ultimate touchstone of your journey. Oh, and I am going to shower you with gifts of Tangible Magic throughout your journey, so let's take a peek at what is in store for you!

Client Testimonials

If you want to achieve, Maggie will be your cheerleader.

If you want to transform, Maggie will help you cultivate your caterpillar “goo” inside your cocoon to become a butterfly.

And if you want to know what you are capable of, Maggie will help you find your self-worth buried beneath a pile of rubble to successfully build the foundation you need to house your dreams.

If you are even remotely on the fence about working with this beautiful healer and mystical being, then all I can say is set any fears aside. Maggie was an amazing fit for me at the right time, and it could be the same for you. ~ S.G.

​Maggie is compassionate, trustworthy, and safe. Together, she will help you build a sanctuary where you can heal, dream, and grow. 

She offers profound insight and new perspectives to just about anything you can think of, even some you can’t. If you can open your mind and yourself to her energy work, she will help you find and polish all the facets of your spirit. 

The more you offer, the more she can return because perhaps the most incredible thing Maggie does is help you take back your power. She leaves you with tools to make new tools of your own. If you work with Maggie, you will create a before and after point in your life.

Maggie helped me find all the pieces of myself I thought I had lost and helped me heal the broken ones so they might fit together again. She helped me give myself permission to be me, and that has made all the difference. ~ E.L.

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Your Power Partnership
waiting for you

I believe in divine timing, do you?


If you have made it this far, there must be something inside you pulling to do this work. Take some time to review each offer, and then let's make a date to connect and begin this incredible journey. (Oh, and you will find the link to schedule a call along with the pricing at the bottom of the page.)

Twelve Spirit Guided Energy Coaching Session (every two weeks)

​(click HERE to learn more)

~ One-hour Spirit-Guided Energy Coaching session calling in your guides 

~ Oracle, Angel, and energy card reading during the energy session 

~ All messages and homework sent after the session for your continued progress

Three Oracle Message Crystal Guided Energy Healing Sessions

(once every other month)

​(click HERE to learn more)

~ One-hour Crystal-Guided Reiki Energy Session 

~ Oracle, Angel, and energy card readings during the energy session 

~ Custom healing Crystal grids to enhance your healing experience

~ One-hour post-session talk to discuss our sessions and messages from guides and cards

Three Self Care Spirit Guided Reiki Energy Healing Session

(once every other month)

​(click HERE to learn more)

~ One-hour pre-session connection call to connect with your guides and prepare for your healing

~ One-hour Spirit Guided Reiki Energy Session for you to receive long-distance healing

~ Oracle, Angel, and energy card reading (images and meanings to keep inspiring you)

~ Custom healing crystal grid to enhance your healing experience

~ One-hour post-session connection Zoom call to discuss our session and energy card messages


Let me shower you with gifts of Tangible Magic

Are you ready to receive?

Who doesn't like receiving gifts in the mail, especially meaningful gifts that are beautiful and can be useful in your healing and growth past our time together? We start with a journal and a heart stone. Then, you will receive a Chakra crystal set to use throughout our time together. And we finish with your custom Talisman.

Your Journey Journal and Heart Stone

You will begin the journey by receiving a leather-bound journal to preserve your progress and a large crystal heart stone. I always intuit which Crystal will be a guide on our journey. These large palm-sized stones are great for grounding and can be used in our sessions together as a physical reminder of your connection to the unseen magical team.

Your Chakra Crystal Set

We meet every two weeks for an hour of energy coaching sessions. After the first month, I will send you your next gift: a Chakra-tumbled Crystal set with a Selenite wand and Palo Santo stick so we can dive deep into our work with Crstyals. They can assist us throughout our time together and outside of sessions. 

Your Custom Sacred Piece of Talisman Jewelry

​(click HERE to learn more)

~ Initial 30-minute talisman design call

~ Three additional design calls if needed

~ Gift-wrapped custom talisman infused with your intention through reiki energy

~ Crystal care pdf to show you how to cleanse, clear, and charge your talisman anytime


Your Private Crystal Class

​(click HERE to learn more about why Crystals are such a big part of my healing offerings)

~ One-hour private class on Crystal Care and meditations

~ Learn about the best ways to cleanse, clear, charge, and intend with them

~ Learn my favorite healing, Chakra balancing, and energizing Crystal Meditations

~ We will wait until you have received your special bundle of tumbled crystals 

FREE six- month membership to

Live weekday 20-minute dance break classes

​(click HERE to learn more)

~ LIVE Zoom 20-minute 8am EST Dance Breaks every weekday

~ Spotify Daily Changing Set List

~ Spotify Monthly Dance Song List

~ if you are already a member, we will suspend your monthly fee for six months

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Power Partners Activate!

Let's make some magic!


Power Partners Journey


monthly payment plan of $575

*$350 Talisman budget included.

Additional costs may vary depending on the final talisman creation.

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