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Image by Becca Tapert

Shared Journeys

Sometimes things are better together.


Would you like to learn about the mystical world in a sacred circle of like-minded folks? Do you enjoy learning by listening and finding yourself in someone's story? I offer experiences with that in mind. 

Chakra Shaking Dance Breaks

Free live Oracle Card Readings

Crystal Classes

Oracle Card Classes

Simplification and trusting your intuition are the keys.

There are a plethora of experts out there, but the only expert I am interested in working with is You. The theme behind my education is teaching you the essentials of these mystical subjects and finding their meaning for you. I will engage your intuitive center and awaken your inner knowing so that you can work with these mystical practices and gifts in an engaging and accessible way.

Are you ready to dive into Crystal magic, Shake your Chakras, find new ways to meditate, or learn how to work with Oracle cards? 


I have created live experiences to reawaken your awareness and increase your daily dose of joy. If you are anything like me, you are done with watching pre-recorded classes that you never seem to get to after you purchase.


There is a need for real-time, real connection. Most of my current offerings will be through Zoom, allowing us to gather from the comfort of our homes. That said, I am currently working on plans for in-person workshops and retreats that will give us quality face-to-face time, so I hope you are on my newsletter... hint, hint.

Image by Becca Tapert

Choose the Experience
that is calling you

Current Offerings

The experiences I offer change throughout the year. I allow spirit to show me where to place my focus. It is important to stay in touch through my newsletter to know when the next offering is happening—journey to the bottom of this page to join if you aren't on the list.

Chakra Shaking

Dance Breaks

woman dancing in the sunlight

Weekdays 8am EST

monthly membership


LIVE Oracle Card Reading

favorite oracle cards


Future Offerings

The experiences I offer change throughout the year. I allow spirit to show me where to place my focus. When they become available, they will be moved up to the current offerings with in-depth descriptions and a sign up link.

 Introduction to  Oracle Card Reading

animal spirit oracle cards

Crystals and the Color Wheel

crystals divided by color

Crystals and

the Chakras

Part 1


Essential Crystal Care

Lemurian Quartz Crysta in hand

Crystal Grids 

for Manifestation

healing heart abudance grid

Crystal Chakra Balancing Meditation Part 2

woman holding crystals
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